Imitation of the fire with his hands in an apartment or house.

fire, his raging languages ​​as if they danced only one known dance for centuries are each living its message.Living Flame gives a person warm, means life.And at the same time it is able to destroy everything around him.It has long been believed that the fire is a symbol of comfort.But if in the past required a heating center has been housing the functional structure, today it is rather a decorative detail, imitation fireplace in the interior.Photos, submitted to your attention, give some idea of ​​how to look artificial symbol of home.Not in every country house there is a possibility to install a real fireplace, a modern apartments and not worth talking about.But that does not mean you have to completely abandon such a tempting idea.

Artificial fireplaces - dream or reality?

hearth with live dancing flames - the dream of many people today.But what to do when you can not build it on the available living space?An excellent option would be an imitation fireplace.

Remember the tale of Pinocchio p

ainted on a piece of canvas with fire?Paint the walls we will, of course, do not offer, but to build a fire-place with their hands on each of the forces.

imitation fire in an apartment or a country house is possible even with a minimum of resources and skills.There are many varieties of ornamental designs of home.For their construction using a variety of techniques and materials.

Varieties of decorative fireplaces

Raised fireplace can be divided into two types - interior and electrical.First adorn the room, and because of its smoke-free design based on the combustion of ethanol and at the same time the process of allocating a certain amount of steam moisten the air.One of the undeniable advantages in the construction of such models is that it is not necessary the use of fire-resistant materials, you can use wood or drywall.Simulation of fire in the fireplace created by putting some over a gas burner of artificial wood made from heat-resistant ceramics.The whole design rather lightweight, easy to operate, does not overload the space of the room in which is installed, and more importantly, does not require a chimney.

types Electric fireplaces - this is not only an object of interior decor, it is also an additional source of heat.It is very powerful and at the same time economical in power consumption current models do not require any special difficulties in operation and maintenance.Artificial light in them is more than natural.

Suitable for creation of the fireplace materials

consider in more detail how and what to do artificial furnace.The first thing that comes to mind - it is an imitation fireplace made of brick or drywall, but they are not the only ones.A small overview of possible construction materials to help you make the right choice.So:

  • Metal.Ideal for the interior in the style of hi-tech.With the skills of working with steel, you can build lzheochag that decorate any home.
  • imitation fireplace in the apartment plywood, medium density fibreboard (MDF) or chipboard (DSP) available in any interior, be it modern, rustic style or whatever.All of these materials coated with a special protective film can be easily found on all construction markets.
  • for the construction of the portal are great wooden boards.In order to emphasize the beauty of the wood, it can be covered with a special stain, the best color to the main interior of your apartment, or acrylic lacquer.
  • One of the most popular materials for the creation of an artificial fireplace, of course, is brick.The only downside is you can call that pretty hard to avoid heaviness design, and this, in turn, creates a certain difficulty to embed it into the interior.
  • Drywall - a light, pleasant to use and.Imitation of the Code of Civil Procedure fireplace is ideal for small rooms.With metal sheets can build absolutely any shape and height of the structure of a fake fireplace.
  • Artificial stone - a non-toxic, non-combustible material, great for creating a portal.

general principles of construction of the raised fireplace brick

  1. Before beginning the basic work necessary to calculate the height, width, future product and to determine the locations where the whole quite heavy construction.
  2. To imitation of the fire with his hands came out of quality, it is necessary to compile a detailed diagram-drawing of what you want to get a result.
  3. To build lzheportala suitable, in principle, any bricks: lime, tile or decorative.Before you start laying generously spray it with water to remove excess air.Properly made flat brick has a smooth texture.
  4. From the corner, on the level, start laying.Try to do the same across the width of the joints.
  5. After the solution, securing rows of bricks, well dries, the inner sides and bottom of the portal you need to put a special heat-resistant tiles.
  6. Now you can install an electric heater.Do not forget about safety measures when working with electricity, clearly follow the instructions that came with the device.
  7. decorate the fireplace or leave as is, it depends entirely on your desire.For facing, you can use wood, artificial stone, or any an interior ceramic tile.

Materials and tools

You will need:

  • brick;
  • solution for masonry;
  • building level;
  • refractory tiles for interior decoration;
  • electricity, biomass or ekonagrevatel;
  • construction tools;
  • items for decoration.

imitation brick fireplace will be a real decoration of the premises, will contribute to creating a warm and comfortable atmosphere.All this is sure to please you and your loved ones.Unfortunately, such a heavy structure is not well suited for processing small rooms, but it is ideal for the living room or hallway of a country house.

general principles of construction of the raised fireplace made of plasterboard

easy, pleasant structure in the drywall is the best suited for the creation of any form of Portal fireplace, width and height.Using profiles and guides can be any part of it is not only direct, but also smoothly curved.Moreover, in the structure of this material is easy to integrate any backlight, which gives it additional features and functionality.Imitation fireplace plasterboard equally well fit into any decor both large and small premises, whether it is a holiday house or city apartment.


The construction of such a model focus - rather expensive and time-consuming process that requires preparation.

The first thing that needs to be done before the main work - is to identify the location and type of construction.How it will be up to you.Imitation of the fire with his hands Plasterboard may take the form of built-in wall niches to be pristenovoy model (ie, mobile) or the corner.Design Options frame there are so many, it all depends on your personal preferences and the general interior of your apartment or house.

So, the location is selected, the type is defined, it is time to start a drawing diagrams.It is necessary for you to visualize the result, and the procedure works.Available sketch definitely help with the calculation of required materials.

prepare everything by releasing a sufficient amount of space, you can start assembling the structure.

Installation false fireplace plasterboard

process of erecting artificial fireplace made of plasterboard can be divided into several stages:

  • frame construction;
  • facing skeleton plasterboard;
  • giving chimney fire resistance;
  • installation of the heating element;
  • decorating the entire structure.

manufacture and veneering

Skeleton fireplace is made according to the selected parameters of the metal sheets, which in turn are attached to the wall or make a free-standing structure in the case where the mobile is planned, that is the portable version of the structure.An important point in the construction of metalloprofilnogo frame - is that the more a variety of parts, jumpers, so solid and durable product itself will eventually.The distance between the rails should not exceed 35-40 cm. Usually, difficulties arise when installing so-called arch of the structure.To give it a smooth curves on top of the profile, at regular intervals, make an incision.She then bent in an arc and is attached to the right place.This way you can give the whole structure a few smooth curves.Gypsum imitation fireplace photo that is presented in this article is made in this way.After the installation of the base is finished, refractory tiles laid on the inside, you can start to trim.How to decorate a false fireplace, make out whether his illumination, it depends only on you.

Materials and tools

You will need:

  • sheets of drywall or trim;
  • screws, dowels and screws;
  • guides metal profiles (you can use corners or wooden slats);
  • tools for cutting metal and drywall;
  • tool for precise marking surface (building level, measuring tape);
  • drill and screwdriver;
  • putty for puttying joints;
  • decorative finish (ceramic tiles, wood, artificial stone, etc.);
  • refractory tiles;
  • heating element;
  • lights.

Decorative false fireplaces are a great substitute for a traditional fireplace with open fire.They are safe, energonomichny, beautiful and functional.Imitation of live fire in a fireplace creates around itself a truly welcoming atmosphere.