Interior room in a private house.

interior room in a private house.Like his plan?What is the preferred design for the living room, which is the "heart" of the entire home?Really - a versatile room, suitable for family celebrations and receptions, work and leisure.Private house does not restrict the space of the living room, on the contrary, provides ample opportunity for open architecture and zoning.It is important personality thinking designer, the original incarnation of his creative ideas.After all, this room reflects style, taste, wealth owners and undoubtedly presents to their guests.

Design living multivariant

interior room in a private house involves choosing hosts styles, consonant with their life principles and concepts of harmony.One suitable soft pastel tones of the classic British interior, the other - high-tech, third - monochrome and white modern contemporary Spanish design.The most creative decorate the hall with the help of the original pop-art style, flaunting designer lighting panels (this direction is now espe

cially popular in homes in Las Vegas).Disabled people decorate the living room as a "full cup", which provides a cozy little corner, bachelors (and their number in the developed world - more than 10% of the adult population) are focused on originality and non-triviality.In short, the interior design of the room in the house - it is creative.

Brief description of design styles

recall some features of the above modes of organization of the interior.English style involves calm colors, symmetry, heavy blackout curtains with tassels on the windows, furniture soundly natural wood: oak, yew, walnut.The house optional fireplace.Good practice in the British style is the presence of parts of eastern flavor: eastern or a double bed with teak pillars, columns, or a Persian rug or vase.

Modern interior represents the beauty of asymmetry, it does not recognize and monochrome.These features determine the creative beginning, the underlying.The product of modern society is a high-tech, with its inherent perfect geometric surfaces, glass and metal elements, accentuating the original illuminated surfaces of furniture.Now this concept - one of the most sought-after young people.Hi-tech emphasis is functional and practical, original.This is valuable, do not put stress on expensive items, as does pop art.

Spanish Art Nouveau involves dazzling white walls.But they - not smooth their surfaces are original, with glass elements, accenting lines, backlit.Everywhere - asymmetry.The walls of the "drowned" cabinets, so everywhere, even in the kitchen - the primeval order.It can be argued that the Spaniards in order in the house - champions!Lots of greenery, built artificial water decorative items.Modern Spanish architecture - open in nature and creative in shape, - very popular in the world.

Pop art involves the use of the entire area of ​​the walls of modern luminous panels.Designers know that the most elegant effect of the unreality of the situation can be created thanks to the glass surfaces and a special pink-ultraviolet illumination on a background of gloom.Mirror balls, vintage items made of stainless steel, the surface of the artificial stone.This often separate areas of rooms are made in a dark color.All this, of course, used by designers.

Lighting living

As a rule, has the largest seating area of ​​glazing.Designers erect a house in such a way that the most winning landscape opens it from the windows of the living room.What are the options window are most in demand?Many prefer the classic English windows - in a wooden frame with a vertically rising doors.However, the most common euro-windows (close to the French) - from the floor - to ceiling windows that provide a panoramic view.Apply as a continuous glazing walls.Interior room in a private home requires a maximum of natural light.You may ask: "What about insulation?After the glass is considerably inferior in this respect to the walls. "Do not worry.Modern multi-layer glass with magnetron intermediate film is an excellent heat insulator.Interior room in a private home often involves excessive coverage by horizontal windows in the ceiling.Designers at the request of the owners often make the ceiling of the living room a double or queen-height (compared to other rooms).

living room walls

Taste host manifests and how decorated the walls of the living room.They largely decorate the interior of the room in the house.(Photo featured in this article, offer you a truly original design of the walls).

living room walls are subject to only one restriction: they should not be monotonous faded.Often used in their design, playing the role of zoning (for different wall) several construction materials: natural wood, decorative stonework, modern tech plaster.For example, around the fireplace looks elegant natural stone masonry.

main living area

Today interior room in a private home requires zoning.As a rule, the "main" is a seating area, a modern soft sofa, chair or mixed seating area.Often it is positioned at the level of the floor carpet, limiting it.The recreation area has its own focus, often attributable to the section of the wall, equipped with a fireplace.Is not it a fireplace area is best suited for a leisurely evening of conversation.He largely decorates the interior of the room in the house, it carries a representational function.Sometimes sitting area focuses on home theater.Sometimes, if the windows of the house - the landscape of great beauty, recreation area focused on him.

additional living area

As a rule, one of the areas of the living room is the dining room.Many owners even positioned as much as two such areas.One - a "front" dining room: with a long table made of natural wood and 8-12 elegant elbow-chairs or on the sides.Other - smaller, usually with a small round table and chairs for family members.

Often, interior room in the house suggests that a combined living room and dining room.Forced to disappoint those wishing to see (finally) symptoms of the disorder in the living room.Nothing like this.Absolutely all kitchen appliances and accessories safely hidden inside tables and pedestals.A viewer sees only parallel and perpendicular to the surface covered, as a rule, a picturesque and textured artificial stone.

Listed zoning is not a dogma.The hosts musicians assign it a separate area under the instrument for playing music, the hosts artists left corner under the easel.Very often in the living room it is a beautiful area for PC and the Internet.Here we show you, dear readers, what would be the interior of a large room in the house.

Conclusion After reading this article, we saw that the interior design of the room in the house - the most creative part of the construction of any private dwelling.This is - a chance to realize their desire to ensure maximum comfort.Today living is positioned primarily as a room with an open architecture creatively fulfilled zoning.