Oriental style interior.

Catching design of your home, we all dream to make it the most comfortable, warm, hospitable, a word so that it tried to get back all households after a busy day.

Of course, each person chooses for himself is the style that suits his needs and in which he would feel most comfortable.Today we want to talk about the interior in oriental style, which in our country has not yet spread too wide, but nevertheless already has its fans and admirers.

What oriental style in the interior?

Modern interior designers have long turned their attention to the east, and have adopted the best of oriental culture.Etnostiley gradually coming into fashion and not hand over the positions.The most popular destinations are its:

- African;

- Arab;

- Chinese;

- Indian.

culture of each country's east is truly unique.It's packed with lots of original features, patterns in textiles, glassware, a variety of colors.All Eastern styles have their tendencies in the design of the room.

Not necessarily by changing the inte

rior, strictly observe the features of a separate culture of life, you can choose only a few elements that seem particularly close.In all should be the measure.It is not necessary to copy the exact room resident east of the country.In our apartment in the high-rise, it would look ridiculous.

Asian minimalism

to this direction should include the culture of Japan and China.He has the bright colors with splashes of bright contrast.As a rule, the basic tone of white, sand, gray, beige blendno, and some elements may be yellow, bright red or blue.It must be remembered that the people of the East are accustomed to strictly observe the rules of Feng Shui, so the selected color is always carries a symbolic meaning.For example, oriental style interior with red color associated with a favorable situation for decision-making, green - for thought and concentration.Commonly used natural, natural materials: bamboo, stone, coconut fiber.

features Asian-style

interior in the Chinese or Japanese style - a space, plenty of light, very little furniture.For example, the interior of the living room in oriental style may consist of a small rectangular sofa, wooden table, a pair of soft seating and a TV.Eastern flavor in this case, add small decorative items: figurines, boxes, floor vases with hand-painted wall decorations depicting birds and flowers.

Arabic style

It differs from the Asian riot of colors, vaulted ceilings, the play of light, lacy thread.Of great importance is textile - a lot of carpets on the floors and walls, canopies over the beds, colorful cushions and curtains.The color should naturally saturate all the elements of decor.For example, the blinds can be made of heavy curtain fabrics with jacquard pattern, it is permissible shiny elements.They sew the fringe edges or brush.

Lighting and furniture

Oriental style in the interior of the room has an important place lighting effects.In addition to the main lighting is desirable to use wall lights, floor lamps and sconces in the oriental style.This should be complemented by the interior of heavy wooden furniture without legs, with soft mattresses and plenty of pillows.Do not forget about the carving, which is inherent in the Arab style.Openwork screens and partitions the interior will add sophistication and lightness.

We make bedroom

Not all the inhabitants of the eastern countries are rich and can afford the luxury Sultan apartments.However, our designers under the eastern style meant it was expensive furniture with brocade, silk and velvet, with fine carpets definitely handmade, gold jugs and dishes inlaid mother-of-tables and other such "trifles."

In a typical city apartment to recreate the interior of a bedroom in the Oriental style in this form is very difficult.The reasons for this are several.This should be a room with a high ceiling and quite impressive size.It must be free to fit a large bed and thus occupies only a small part of the room.

accepted that bedroom in eastern style definitely should have a wall of red color, but will agree to relax in this room will be problematic.Today, residents of the eastern countries in the interior of the bedroom more often use light colors for walls: sand, ivory, beige.Used and more saturated colors: yellow, pink, muted orange.

mandatory element a bedroom - a variety of niches.They are located on different levels, and they perform different functions - they are placed decorative items, clothes, lamps.Such niche easily manufactured plasterboard.If ceiling height allows, the beautiful walls in the eastern interior complemented by an exquisite performance ceiling.Often it can be stacked, with ornaments and carvings.In a city apartment, you can use moldings and ceiling paintings.

Oriental style in the interior bedroom has another feature.It has no high cabinets for storing clothes.They successfully replace patterned and inlaid chests of drawers, chests and cupboards.Clothing is cleaned in a special niche with openwork doors or curtains made of fabric.Basically a massive furniture, natural wood and nicely decorated.

Oriental style interior bedroom highlights the wide and low bed.With its design often used valance and draperies, which is easy to hide behind a variety of shortcomings.

Probably, it is difficult to imagine an apartment, fully executed in this style.It is not always appropriate to meet with business partners in this area.Although, of course, it is possible in special cases.Oriental style in the interior of the apartment, the exception rather than the rule.The most common way draw up a separate room for your comfort and not the entire living space.