Wooden houses - interior inside.

Nowadays, there are many who wish to live in a house made of wood.Such a structure is particularly attractive style and unusual charm.Wooden houses, interior within which you need to think carefully about many years will delight you comfort.Remember that the interior will be the highlight of this wood with its unique texture, smell, soft and warm energy.So try as much as possible to leave intact wooden surfaces in your home.It is better to abandon the use of wallpaper, plaster, trim panels, drywall and other finishing materials that can hide the beauty and nobility of wood.

With him perfectly aligned natural stone, which is used most often in fragments.Interestingly combination with cork, bamboo mat, rough linen textiles.These materials decorate the wooden houses.Interior inside perfectly complement wool, leather, fur.They give housing originality and respectability.

Some recommendations on registration

Finnish wooden house or building from a bar by themselves are so interesting that almost do no

t need to design.However, still there are some guidelines that can help turn your home into a paradise.

As previously mentioned, man-made materials are undesirable in a wooden house.Therefore, if you plan curtains on the windows, it is best to choose a silk or linen.Also, do not mix different styles.Each of us dreams about making the house was always warm and cozy to come into it was always a pleasure.Therefore, the interior of the interior should be given special attention.In all the rooms should be placed so that it is convenient to meet the guests, relax, spend the evening with relatives.

We make living

As a rule, this is the largest and bright room in a house.Hence usually begins repairs.Interior living in a wooden house depends on your style.If the new structure, the walls should not touch, they are sufficient to varnish.But if the surface treatment is necessary, it is better to use natural wood.Fortunately, stores offer their customers a wide range of natural finishes.Very popular among them are a golden walnut and oak.The ceiling can sheathe clapboard and parquet on the floor use, the ship or the floorboard.

Living room - a business card of each house, so its interior should think through the details.Interior living in a wooden house can be selected in several styles:

- Staraya Russa.

- Country.

- Vintage.

- Scandinavian.

These styles are good in that they retain the most natural beauty of wood.It is desirable to use a light-colored furniture.Interior of a wooden house with a fireplace, of course, is the dream of many.After all, it is this element of the interior can make the atmosphere in the house a romantic and refined.If you are a fan of a lot of space and a well-lit room, you need to use Scandinavian style.

house in the Slavic style

Slavic country style is very organic in the interior of the wooden house.It features colorful decor, which manifests itself in the painting, national ornaments, tiles.Particular attention is paid to this style of carving.It is used in the manufacture of doors, table legs and chairs, other furniture and stairs.Decorative elements of the interior home from a bar or the logs are small paintings of Slavic subjects, wooden panels, embroidery.To decorate the surfaces of large objects (fireplace, staircase, floor) can be used cork, stone, dolomite frakturny.

choosing textiles for upholstery, curtains, bedspreads, cushions should be chosen more vivid colors that blend well with the natural texture of wood.I would like to add that the Slavic style is most effect for not too large rooms with low ceilings.

Scandinavian style

This method of decoration is also good for smaller spaces.However, Scandinavian wooden house interior is different minimum of scenery.This style is reserved and somewhat simplified.When using it most often used white or beige.These colors in everything - furniture, textiles, accessories.You can use a traditional Scandinavian style, but you can date.If home owners prefer to be conservative, it is better to give them preference in the choice of furniture is not versatility and solidity and elegance.In this case, the appropriate combination of accessories and various small parts of saturated colors with large and bright interior elements.This style is advantageous look gray and brown small accessories on a background of beige walls and furniture.With light wood well combined cherry, turquoise and blue.This interior is not allowed play of bright colors, they must not violate the quiet design, so need more matte and dull shades.

handicrafts, plain lamps, monochromatic paintings, high rough and pots are ideal as an accessory for the Scandinavian interior.

old Russian style, or hut House

interior of the house in this style is a repetition of ancient towers registration or hut.On the wooden walls are applied floral ornament.In such an interior looks good still lifes and landscapes in wooden frames.It is desirable that all furniture and accessories have been designed in the spirit of the time.The interior of the old Russian must be present massive chests, benches, chests of drawers.

style chalet

In Europe, a small chalet in the Alps called chalet.Its main attributes are wood and stone.The interior of the wooden house from a bar in chalet style is sure to include a natural stone.They, for example, veneer fireplace.The ceiling and the floor must necessarily be made of wood.Furthermore, installed on the ceiling beams open.It is advisable to use an aged, patina covered furniture.

Kitchen interior in a wooden house

I'm sure many will agree that the kitchen - a special room, which is entrusted with additional functions (except for cooking).Therefore, its design has always paid special attention not only at home but also in the apartment.If you spend the whole year in wooden apartments, it is likely that very soon a large saturation monochromatic wood you get bored.

To avoid this, complete your kitchen fusion, which involves a combination of different directions, colors and materials.

Contents kitchen interior in a wooden house - not an easy task as it might seem at first glance.In this room, the temperature and humidity are fickle, so all materials used must be processed by special trains.Let's start with the walls.If possible, then cover them with paint in a contrasting color, and Scuff.The paint is absorbed into the veins of natural wood and emphasize its unique texture.For registration of the floor, you can use stone, parquet, tiles.

Kitchen in country style

Experts believe that this style was formed first.Today, the kitchen is most often hosted by the owner of the house, but before that it was a place where "reigned" servants leg gentlemen to set foot.Therefore, for this room does not require any design refinements.Interior of a wooden house in country style, in particular, in the kitchen - is the pinnacle of practicality.His mandatory attributes - set of roomy boxes and spacious countertops.Today, country style - a minimally processed natural wood, the lack of elegant and sophisticated decoration.For rooms in this style are perfect oak and pine, it can be slightly tinted.Welcomes the use of antique furniture, tiles or tiles for decoration apron.

attic in the house

In the early nineteenth century in Russia attic were very popular.Then for a while they stopped using, but now the fashion for their returns, mostly in the construction of the country.The interior of the attic in a wooden house - it is not just the refined aristocratic and mysterious spirit of antiquity, but also an additional living space, which is very fond of young people.

Interior wooden house inside must be made in the same style.However, it depends on what kind of features this room will perform.You can arrange the office, library, nursery, bedroom.

But there is another important aspect that you are sure to encounter.This angle of inclination of the roof.If the ceiling is too low, but a bed, sofa or any low cabinets you are unlikely to something there place.So often these facilities are used as bedrooms.Enable the attic should be possible.Even the lowest of its parts can be made to "work".This sets the wall with doors, and this results in a comfortable and spacious lockers for storage of toys, seasonal items, school supplies.

Bed and better frame the mattress, too, should be laid in the lower parts of the room.It is advisable to arrange furniture along the walls, so that it does not block the window.In this case, the ideal would be modular furniture that can be reset, depending on your desires.

Choosing curtains for the loft

a long time, it was thought that such premises is better to use blinds that were fixed at the top and bottom of the window, repeating its slope.But today, designers have come to the conclusion that on the attic window, look great and traditional curtains.They are also fixed to the bottom of a wall or window.

You have to understand that this particular construction - wooden houses.Interior inside them is always original, because the room does not have a clearly defined standards, such as flat, so the development of the interior should be approached outside the box - the key to success.


Modern interior of a wooden house inside (photo you can see in this article) is quite diverse.Not too often, but in the design of such facilities use and loft-style.It allows you to combine the clarity of lines and shapes with non-standard materials and exclusive furniture.This option is preferred modern people who love technological novelties.Interior of the house in this style requires a large area, large windows, glass doors and walls, wooden floor.

Today we talked about the fact that it is still relevant today, wooden houses.Interior inside selected according to your taste, make the structure very warm, cozy and comfortable for your family and friends.