Bathroom interior

Most people draws bathroom design, adhering to the rules of contemporary fashion.But among the owners of property, there are those who prefer the design of antiquity.Because of the complexity of complying with all the nuances and subtleties of this style is rarely used, but it is still popular.

When making a bathroom antique need to find the right finishing materials and plumbing.Plumbing, perhaps, the most difficult to choose.If finishing materials currently represented by a lot, most of the proposed retail plumbing is not suitable for this project.In most cases, the best plumbing is made to order.

To get the design of the bathroom in the old style, you need to find out what plumbing used in the olden days, in what style it was performed.To select the best plumber from natural materials, it should be beautifully curved outline contours.It should be smooth lines, beautiful legs.Objects should look sophisticated, elegant.

Bath in the old days was a separate element of the interior, so it must be lo

cated at a certain distance from the wall.The best material for the manufacture of baths in ancient style is brass.Most of these bath set nobles.From this material can be produced, and the sink in the cabinet.Near the sink should not be anything extra, just an open space.The toilet is selected with auxiliary tank.The cranes can be made from the same brass or bronze, they should be optimally screw.This style harmoniously will look mirror round or oval rimmed with carving, gilding.For floor and wall tiles is selected monochrome.

Bathroom furniture

Making brightness and add positive sentiment to such a purely functional room, as the bathroom, help showy coloring of furniture.To create a stylish and memorable interior bathroom furniture can be used in saturated colors that will decorate even the most ordinary and boring design.

Add a bit of freshness and spring mood in the interior with wall and flooring allows light colored furniture with bright color green facades.The original complement to such interior for your bathroom will be the woodwork or, for example, a braided rug.
Saturated yellows bathroom furniture make the interior bright and sunny mood will give.In choosing colors for sinks, baths, toilet and bidet is to adhere to the traditional bright colors.Harmony will add to this original decor bright orange or turquoise accessories.

lovers to experiment may use a mix of bright coloristic: Try a combination of snow-white sanitary ware with orange colored facades of furniture.Add rainbow mood in this original interior textiles help flowered or striped, bright green or yellow accessories.Decorating the walls in such daring design decisions to be aggressive shade of color.

Think about using the basic and additional lighting.The light must be located not only in dark corners, but also highlight the bright interior details.

These simple tips will help create a vivid and unforgettable interior, daily lifting your mood.