Plasterboard: design for living spaces

Ceilings of plasterboard in our time enjoying a well-deserved popularity.First, they allow you to completely hide any defects overlap.Second, do not take too much height of the room (no more than 10 - 15 cm), and, thirdly, there are very inexpensive.These remarkable structures has another important advantage - the aesthetic appeal.Plasterboard, the design of which can be extremely spectacular, usually it becomes a real "highlight" the interior rooms.

Species ceiling structures

Today in apartments and offices used mainly two options plasterboard ceilings: classic single-level and more effectively mogourovnevye.The first version is a little bit cheaper, and often can be seen on the premises of public purpose.Plasterboard, the design of which involves the use of multiple layers, usually installed in a residential area.This design not only that looks very unusual and aesthetically pleasing in itself, also makes possible an unusually spectacular illumination device.


Design project of multi-l

evel ceiling of plasterboard can be made using the following elements:

  1. curved arc.On the edge of the typically "Let 'spotlights.This element is often asymmetrical and fits well with the curves of the furniture.Just great for interiors, designed in Art Nouveau style.
  2. Curves wave.Edge can also be decorated with lights, but their location is not necessarily repeated bending niche.This is a more "independent" decor.Plasterboard, the design of which is made in a similar way, by itself serves as an ornament of the room.
  3. Using the "pockets" of small size.In this case, often used neon or LED ribbon lighting.Such ceilings have several more "rigorous" look than the first two options.
  4. ceiling with photo wallpapers, which are glued in niches.It looks nice option with a picture of the sky.
  5. use of geometric shapes.Practice of application of diamonds, triangles, ovals, etc.In this run as scalloped recess and the duct of the second level.


plasterboard, the design of which can be absolutely anything, necessarily equipped with lights.The design of it is strong enough to easily withstand up to 10 kg weight.Therefore we can safely use any decorative elements.Very nice in combination with such ceilings look baguettes and imitation stucco.Often combined with plasterboard ceilings tension glossy PVC structures.Such variations actually look amazing.

design of false ceilings of gypsum board can be designed also using different colors.This material is easily colored.Of course, should not be used for residential premises is too bright colors or flashy contrasts.

Gypsum - a material that provides the designer a huge field for creativity.If desired, the project design can make their own.In our time, is easy to find just countless examples of such finishes.If you are not confident in their abilities to develop the project, you can always hire a professional.Similar services are now provided by many companies involved in the installation of drywall constructions.