Pilaster - what is this?

Once, many years ago, cornices, pilasters and keystones are an integral part of almost all cultural buildings.However, over the years, architectural styles have changed significantly its direction.But, as known fashion eventually returns.And so it happened.Currently pilasters - is one of the most presentable and beautiful decorations in the fa├žade design of the building.What is it we?Let's face it.

Back to basics

Pilaster - a vertical projection wall of the house, which often has a capital base and thereby conditionally shows a string that stretches from the bottom to the top of the building.The blades of the pilasters are different just by the presence of a vertical projection having a usually flat.And these architectural structures (scapula) have neither bases nor capitals.

pilasters in the interior and exterior design of buildings have appeared since the days of ancient Greece, and then became widely used in almost all European countries.And even in an era of technological progress along wit

h hi-tech, this classic retains its leading position.However, there was a time when the popularity of pilasters fell again they revived on the buildings only during the early Renaissance.And I brought them back into fashion Leon Battista Alberti - one of the most prominent theorists of Renaissance art.


By design, corner pilasters can have very different shapes.It may be a flat design and rectangular, and columns without thickening down.Also worth noting is that the pilasters - is one of the few architectural projections, which have an indefinite length.They may extend over the entire height of the building, whether it is a one-storey building is a multi-storey building.

functional orientation

main function, which performs a pilaster - a decorative, as no significant changes in the technical part of it does not bring.


worth noting that the pilasters can have several variants of shapes and designs, so that used in a variety of buildings and premises.This may be the architectural decoration of the facade between floors or a certain dividing line with beautiful patterns.In addition, pilasters can be seen in many old houses from the entrance doors (especially on the sides).Excellent complement and complete the interior of the building they are in the corners, thus making the edges of the walls more voluminous.