Interior room in Khrushchev, or How to make the room spacious

Hall is the heart of any home, because that is where all the festivities and celebrate the welcome guests.Construction of the space of this room should be carefully considered.First unacceptably huge amount of furniture, and secondly, it is very important to arrange proper lighting, thanks to which the room will seem more spacious.

correct visual perception

So, what should be the interior of the hall in the Khrushchev?Generally, rooms in similar apartments do not differ large area, so the basic idea should be directed to the expansion of visual space.And if there is an opportunity to expand it not only visually, but also, for example, instead of a door to put a huge arch, the room would benefit from this.

There are several methods by which the interior of the hall in the Khrushchev can be very profitable to beat.

  • bright colors.It is no secret that the room seem more spacious when the walls are covered with wallpaper gentle pastel shades.The same goes for furniture and flooring, light color, whi
    ch is ideal to maintain a given direction.
  • mirror surface.Properly placed mirrors, reflecting light from the window, make the room more light and airy that only benefit a small room.The glossy surface of a stretch ceiling fits perfectly in this space.
  • Proper lighting.Interior room in Khrushchev must combine multiple light sources.Ideal - a major fixture on the ceiling and a few extra lamps or floor lamps that in the evening the room was lit as possible.

How to choose furniture

What interior room in Khrushchev should be designed in bright colors, it has already been mentioned, but the furniture which configuration is best to choose?What would be better to look: one huge corner or a small sofa and a couple of chairs?Here it is possible to give preference to that taste, but the furniture should be as compact as possible.Coffee table to choose the best with transparent glass top, visually it will not burden the space and will be functional, but virtually invisible.If you can, then by the cabinet in the hall should be abandoned, and in the case of installation is preferable to choose a high design to the ceiling with sliding mirrored doors.Before you go shopping for furniture, it is better to schedule an interior room in Khrushchev, the photo is already embodied in the ideas or sketches help to quickly identify.

main subject of any living room or hall - television.For it is necessary to select a wall to which it is attached, although it is easy to fit on a small table or stand for the TV.Fortunately, the huge old TVs with large CRT has long outlived her, and they were replaced by flat screens.

successful interior design of the room in Khrushchev important as anywhere else, because the room itself is already a hostage to a small area.Therefore, the repair should be approached with full responsibility and initially consider all the details, and then get to work.