The kitchen in the loft-style - for the extraordinary and creative individuals

first accommodations, furnished loft-style, appeared in the United States, where the converted building of mills and factories became affordable and popular housing for young designers and artists.What is the difference between this direction from others?Its main requirement - lots of light, spacious room, muted colors.Typically, the walls are decorated with brick or imitation, and sometimes one of them is decorated with graffiti.

Kitchen furniture

This room looks good most simple furniture made of light wood, possible elements of polished or brushed metal.The highlight of this style are the "building" beams, load-bearing structures that are open.These elements are able to create a relaxed atmosphere.

Features style

The main features of this style are:

- a large space;

- exposed pipes, beams, floors, ventilation;

- windows from floor to ceiling;

- no partitions.

Kitchen loft-style room combines cooking, meeting friends, relaxing holiday.Naturally, in order to achieve the desired effec

t requires special furniture.This style is perfect so-called "kitchen island".This furniture comes from Italy.It can be the center of the dining area, and the bar will share the kitchen and living room.This furniture has a few key features.It involves an abundance of seats (long sofas, chairs, armchairs unusual).

Interior features

Kitchen loft-style should be bright furniture, to attract attention.Otherwise, the interior will turn dull and empty.In addition, welcomed a lot of open shelves and various racks that delimit space.

Kitchen loft, a photo that you see in this article, is not without open bilateral cabinets, which exhibited various accessories in ethnic style, and shelves full width of the wall.In this room it would be appropriate mobile furniture that embodies the ease of change inherent in this area.Folding table on wheels or the product will be very helpful.

Kitchen Design loft is not possible without the original and individual solutions, so it does not have to be combined with the living room.She can go to the bedroom, bathroom and even a nursery.The kitchen in the loft-style embodies a fusion of new and old.That is why this room allows the use of a wide range of furniture: a minimalist, hi-tech, classic, but with a touch of aktikvarnosti.Very organic look in this room furniture made of steel, glass, aluminum, plastic.

Decorative details

for decorating such facilities use large floor vases, bright posters, abstract painting, computer copies of famous paintings.The brighter accessories, the more harmonious they fit into the formalized territory.

Kitchen loft is perfect for those who like change and open space, air and light.It is a unique and original, stylish and exquisite.Her charm and uniqueness - in its diversity.The kitchen can be a cold and austere, friendly and warm, and not too expensive.In any case, it will impress guests the charm and eccentricity.