Interior kitchen in classical style - a sign of good taste

Any room, decorated in classic style, can not become obsolete or out of fashion.If you decide to arrange the kitchen just the way it will look modern and just after the repair, and ten years after graduation.This style is a symbol of nobility.It is suitable to the person who is faithful to traditions, not after a capricious fashion, respectable and quite happy life.In addition, the interior of the kitchen in the classical style for those who do not like frequent repairs and change the situation.If you belong to those, then you should know that the classic style does not tolerate negligence.It is necessary to carefully consider every detail.

Materials for classic cuisine

Just want to warn you that the true interior of the kitchens in classic style does not come cheap.With its creation, uses natural materials and expensive.In such an interior inappropriate plastic.The ideal solution - furniture made of solid wood.You can use veneer chipboard, as a budget option, but such furniture has a lower lifesp

an than natural wood.

Interior kitchen in classical style presupposes respect proportions.At the request of the host such premises may resemble hall of the palace, or look very strictly and steadfastly.


hopscotch used soft, deep tones that highlight the expensive and high-quality finish.It is extremely important to organize your workspace right - arrange the furniture and kitchen equipment, to have everything under the hand.

kitchen design in a classic style can not stand bright and saturated colors.In such an interior, use a soft, natural colors.The walls should be painted or pokleit wallpaper light-yellow, the color of cocoa, beige, cream, pale pink shade.The ceiling should be white, possibly with stucco.Today in DIY stores, you can choose a large number of simulations.

choose the doors

Doors classic cuisine should be massive, made of wood.If you think that they are too heavy, use stained glass inserts.They will decorate any interior.For the flooring is best waterproof laminate.You can use high-quality ceramic tiles in shades of brown with a pattern or not.

What needs furniture

For furniture used natural wood - cherry, walnut, beech, oak and others. It should be elegant, but at the same time solid and high-quality furniture.On the facades of appropriate thread, a little gold.These details add interior refinement and luxury.

Modern kitchen interior in classic style is impossible without the use of household appliances.But in this case it is better to use the built-in option.Do not think that the modern appliances can ruin the interior of your kitchen.The main thing is to avoid the cutting edge models.

Classic in a small kitchen

Classical kitchen is designed for fairly large room, but if your room is too small and you want to use is the classic style, you can apply some of its elements.Small kitchen in classic style should be furnished with wooden furniture with facades light color - cream, cream, beige, bleached oak.Most of all, for such a small corner room suitable headset.