Interior plan kitchens hruschevke

Before designing the interior of a small-sized kitchen in Khrushchev, should understand the functional purpose of the premises.Once its mission is only the cooking, then enough to create an appropriate zone.And if the kitchen is to gather the family around the table, you should think more about and a separate corner for meals and to allocate a place for him in this small space.Both areas must be equipped in the most rational, that was equally comfortable, and the stove and the dining table.

How to convert premises

Change Interior Khrushchev kitchens in several ways.Leveling method involves the displacement of the walls.For example, during the demolition of walls between adjacent bathroom area can be increased up to 2 meters.Functional method focuses on the rational use of space: reducing the size of the furniture modules, the presence of built-in appliances, involvement of angles.The aesthetic approach is based on sound design using the methods of visual correction of space.

Space concept

When considering the design of the important point is the organization of space.Most experts suggest radically change the interior of the kitchen.In Khrushchev it can be expressed in the demolition of the wall with an adjacent bathroom.In this case, it creates a fashionable nowadays space studio apartments.This option is good if the kitchen is used for its intended purpose and is not often there is no danger that the smell and fat from cooking food will fill the entire apartment.Compact modular furniture, judicious use of every centimeter of space and great design - this is a modern solution for the kitchen-living room.

If the option global restructuring cuisine someone does not fit, you can use the loggia or a windowsill as an additional area.For preferable to use floor tile or linoleum, which are equally good when wet cleaning.It is important that in the decoration applied mirror and glossy surface.This allows you to visually expand the space and make a more harmonious and contemporary interior kitchens Khrushchev.

Subtleties approach

planning interior design Khrushchev in the kitchen, it is important to take care of the choice of colors.After all, every shade make their individuality.Dark colors narrow space.Green creates a calm, peaceful atmosphere.Brown enhances appetite and blue, on the contrary, lowers.However preferable for small spaces use light neutral tones.

In the combined kitchen-living embodiment of a light emphasis should be on working elements kitchen: stove, sink.In the living room light must not be so intense.

Speaking of kitchen furniture not to mention the module.This design on a round rotating basis, which allows to deploy the necessary element at the moment: a table, a microwave oven or stove.

Interior Khrushchev in the kitchen should be functional.And in this case, can not do without external components.But cupboards and shelves can all clutter space.Therefore, any hinged design better placed as high as possible, freeing up space on the counter top and sink.