Flower pots and planters in home interior

in any interior, every detail has its importance, and the presence of indoor plants - is no exception.To achieve stylistic perfection premises will help properly fitted pots.Variety of options and own performance of the interior details and we will cover in this article.

The main difference from the flowerpot planter is the presence in the bottom of the hole.In a flower pot through the holes in the bottom of the excess moisture is not retained.Planters, in contrast, do not allow water to flow out, leaving it in full.

This feature requires the adoption of certain measures regarding the watering.It is important not pereuvlazhnyat soil and water nevpitavsheysya residues, if any, should be drained.Excessively wet land contributes to root rot and, consequently, can lead to death of the plant.

If in pots need to put a flower pot, it should correlate their dimensions.Planters should be wider and a little above the pot, the gap between them can be filled with gravel or moss, this idea is widely used in th

e design of flowers.
Planters have several varieties of accommodations.There are wall and floor, pendant and table.Also distinguish pots for streets, houses and balconies.

Planters can be executed from various materials: metal, wood, glass, etc.Let us consider each separately.

example, ceramic pots are diverse both in texture, color and shape.Often decorated with figures of birds and beasts.They can be used indoors and decorate garden or courtyard.

used for making pots and wood.It is important to take into account the processing of the material in terms of moisture resistance.

hi-tech style decorate pots made of stainless steel, and forged metal composition suitable for classical interior.

Another popular material - Polistoun.Because it makes pots in the form of the original bags or pots decorated with fairy tale characters and flowers.

Glass - an essential option for such flowers as orchids and phalaenopsis, allows you to always be aware of the water level.

most popular material used to make pots, it is plastic.He is preferred for the low price and ease of use.

Planters can be purchased at flower shops, book online.Anyone who likes to do a variety of decorative items for the house with their own hands, can make pots on their own.It is not very difficult, but the time will not be wasted, because such pots is in one piece and, of course, unique.Importantly, do not forget that Bach flower pot should be smaller in size and easy to be installed in pots.

to design performance you need to decorate a very simple flower pots.You can use any of the following options:

- macrame;
- small sea shells and pebbles;
- beads and rhinestones;
- cereals: beans, peas, millet;
- spikelets of wheat or dried flowers.

finished pots can be colored with paint or decorate in the style of decoupage.

basis can be made independently, using tin cans suitable size of a coffee or tea.It is also possible to use as a basis, and glass containers.Big glasses and vases original look when placed at the bottom of "Rainbow Gel" which can serve as a primer, if you pour it with water.For decorating the outside of the container or tape useful multicolor sand, and other materials cited above.

with a flower pot can be decorated with shells, sea pebbles and sand, if you want to embody the theme of the sea.Plenty of room for your imagination, how you managed to make quite wide.Needless to overdo it, otherwise called decoration design will be difficult.

a great idea for making pots is the use of plastic and rubber toys.In order to adapt them for our purposes, it is necessary to cut a hole on top and put into a small pot.This option is great choice for a child's room.

in the garden and courtyard looks interesting as pots various kitchen utensils and shoes."Blossoming" teapots and boots, shoes and interesting pots can become a highlight of the exterior and the center of attention.