Create a stylish design of toilets in the apartment

Conceiving the next repair the toilet, there is little purpose given radically change the situation.The room is small, often even very tiny, so what to puzzle over a complete project for a long time to pick up materials?The design of toilets in the apartment are usually limited by the choice of color ceramics.

And it is in vain.A little time spent, thought-out plan, the knowledge of the organization of limited space - and that's in front of you an amazing transformation.Instead of the standard bathroom - modern and stylish accommodation.

Pondering design a small toilet in the apartment, do not neglect the slightest detail.Even the wrong pattern on the tile can spoil everything.It is necessary to start with the basic background.Do not rush into extremes, buying too bright or dark, saturated colors ceramics.Otherwise you will get a small room, more like a dark hole.

universal bright colors (gray, beige, cream) expand the space and individuality is achieved by introducing any unusual accent.

now popular fascination with natural materials.The design of toilets in the apartment - is no exception.Who said that a tree or a stone can not find the application?Of course, for ceramic tiles it is very easy to maintain, and maintaining sanitary cleanliness in the bathroom is complete without the use of a variety of chemicals.But high-quality moisture resistant coating solves this problem.

Combining different materials, remember that cross the line, "pushing" the wall, but vertical stripes make your ceilings are higher.And if you need something, and another, then lay out a diagonal pattern.

design of toilets in the apartment includes the purchase of the necessary plumbing.Look to the new compact models overhead.Toilets, which are mounted directly on the wall, it is able to withstand a rather big weight in the 400 or 500 kilograms.This cistern and all pipe securely hidden in the wall, so do not spoil the interior of his presence.Useful and angled mini-shell.

Design toilet in a small apartment does not involve the use of bulky furniture.Replace light racks or lockers niches for storage of various household trifles.Very carefully, purchase accessories.Even the toilet paper holder must fit into the overall picture.

not necessary to strictly adhere to any one style.It is clear that the classics in pure form requires a spacious room and a substantial financial investment.But you may well use its elements.The main thing is to do it delicately, showing a sense of proportion.

design of toilets in the apartment may include decorative details of country-style: bright towels, small textile curtains, warm, sunny colors in the interior.The niches set small wicker baskets.

And do not forget to plan a competent lighting.The successful arrangement of fixtures will make little room visually more.

Catching design premises, not for a moment forget about functionality.Still, a bathroom should be comfortable and cozy.