Proper design of the hall in "Khrushchev" a miracle

Many owners of small apartments, which are called "Khrushchev", face the problem of lack of space, including in the hallway.As a rule, it is a small, narrow and dark room, in which at times is very difficult to put even a wardrobe.Can you somehow extend it to make spacious and attractive?Yes, you can.To do this, use some design secrets.

Specialists can offer you several ways of transformation of your hallway.You can increase the doorways to adjacent rooms (except the bathrooms).They are issued in the form of arches any form.This method is good because it allows you to actually increase not only the territory of the premises, but also visually increase it by lighting that falls from the adjoining rooms.

Design hallway in "Khrushchev" it is necessary to consider very carefully.In this matter, there is no detail.For example, clearly delineated floor, separating the hallway and the room will greatly reduce the space.

hallway All deficiencies should be considered before starting repairs, it was not

necessary to redo the same work twice.You must clearly understand that the correct design of the hall in the "Khrushchev" is capable of even very tiny room make a cozy and attractive.

minimalist approach to all areas of small apartments.It is no exception and hallway.Design (photo in "Khrushchev") you can see in this article.The color scheme of the room complex is designed to visually expand the space.To do this, use only light colors.

Design hallway in the apartment, "Khrushchev" can be done on an ideal, in our opinion, the scheme - white, smooth shiny ceiling (it seems to be higher and it will be better to scatter light) and the walls are very bright colors (yellow, dairy, gray, pale-blue).If you wish, you can make a bright accent.For example, paint the front door or a small part of the wall in a bright color.But he has to repeat it in any subject, otherwise it will make a dissonance in the interior.

Design hallway in "Khrushchev" not tolerate unnecessary decorative details.In excessive amounts, they litter the already small room.Flooring can arrange tiles, linoleum or beautiful floorboard.The main thing is that the color of the floor combined with the ceiling and walls, t. E. Did not stand out against the background.

If you manage to choose and install the furniture, the design of the hall in "Khrushchev" will long to please you originality and novelty.For this small room needs a roomy closet for storing things and shoes.But if it is impossible to install, use the open hanger and shelves for shoes.Do not forget about the existence of angular and modular furniture that is perfect for small spaces.A good option is to manufacture furniture under the individual project.In this case, will take into account all the features of your hallway (corners, niches, ledges).