Style in the interior in the living room: the Japanese and Scandinavian

Living - is the "main" room in any home.Its interior has received increased attention, because there take the friends, colleagues, partners, organize parties and dinners.The living room has its own design trends and features that are specific to each year.Follow them completely impossible, but to take some elements is feasible.What style in the interior of the living room is the most popular and relevant in recent seasons?Everything indicates that this is a Scandinavian and Japanese styles that are increasingly found in the interior of houses.

style in the interior in the living room.Modern trends

Before proceeding to a more detailed consideration of these styles, let's find out what is inherent in modern design living rooms, namely its characteristics, accents, colors, materials.Fashionable style in the interior of the living room is characterized by an abundance of natural fabrics, wood and marble surfaces, chrome parts in furniture.She, in turn, is made of solid wood or high-tech substitute mater

ials.Regarding the colors, welcome monochrome black or white.For example, when finished with living exclusively in black tones with a little white or red.Or living room is finished with white color, which is characteristic of Scandinavian destinations.For the actual color of the furniture wenge, black, red or natural wood.Still at the peak of fashion hi-tech style in the interior in the living room.It is characterized by minimalist decoration and color scheme.Indispensable attributes - glass and chrome parts in furniture or accessories.As for the decor, it is one of the main violins playing Printed materials, such as: wallpapers, pictures, posters.Not decreases interest in ethnic styles (African, East).They are characterized by exotic paraphernalia, animal skins, animalistic print.

Scandinavian style in the interior of the living room

It is white and a lot of light coming from the high windows without curtains and curtains.The frames on them almost always wooden, painted in the color of the walls of the living room - white.It is an excellent tool to visually enlarge the room, so those living seem incredibly bulky, lengthy and seemingly devoid of boundaries.From furniture - low ottoman textile, wood or glass tables, chairs, a corner for reading or drinking tea.Admitted leather sofas, dressers and wardrobes in a deliberately rarity style.As for colors, they can be white, brown, beige, terracotta, blue.The walls are almost always monochrome white, with local posters, pictures or paintings.The floors are almost always out of the rough, wooden boards, profitable harmony with the white interior and a corner fireplace.Accessories Scandinavian style - a book, chandeliers, objects hand-made.In general, it embodies minimalism, eco-friendliness, simplicity and functionality.The latter is achieved by the absence of unnecessary items and using multifunctional furniture.

Japanese style in interior room

His image - a clearly structured space, filled with muted, natural tones and deprived of all accidental.The main colors of style - from beige to cream, cherry, white and black - placed emphasis.Accessories - ikebana, netsuke, Japanese boxes and hieroglyphs on rice paper or silk.Japanese style is almost devoid of furniture: cabinets mounted in niches, on the floor can be pearl chests to store clothes or books.For reception - low sofas with the same backs from natural fabrics: leather, linen, cotton.Japanese style emphasize the mat, bamboo, rattan and wood light tones.In general style embodies the philosophy of minimalism, simple attitude towards life and things.A characteristic feature - the special fusuma partitions that can transform a room and into the living room and the bedroom.