The unusual design: purple color in the interior

violet color is formed by mixing the warm red and cool blue.Perhaps in this lies its contradictory and ambiguous attitude of people.On the one hand, there is the assertion that the purple color in the interior awakens in man the sensitive, romantic, airy, intuitiveness.On the other similar shades symbolize sexual frustration, and dark purple indicates imperiousness and rudeness.Not even a single opinion, what people prefer to use a purple color in the interior.It is noted that for registration of premises in a range of colors gravitate creative or eccentric person with a claim to underline their extraordinary.However, individuals are not capable of self-realization, also like to use different shades of purple.

So should I use purple color in the interior?Before you answer this question, we must remember that there are shades of purple are many: from the gentle and light shade of lavender to dark, almost black, saturated colors of eggplant.Naturally, you can not love all the shades, and some of the

m are really able to cause depression and irritation in humans, but this diversity is almost everyone can find something to your liking.

can not draw the room only in the purple color, it must be diluted with other shades.A good combination is purple in the interior with soft blue, pink or blue.In contrast, you can use the yellow or orange.However, it is not necessary to use all these colors simultaneously.Purple - this is quite intense and complex color, so an excess of other shades of the interior will nalyapistym and unattractive.Good looks purple in the interior along with gold or silver, but not both at once.However, this combination is traditionally used only in a certain style, that is in the room, pretending to exquisite royal glamor.

In some rooms you can use the color purple?In all, but adjusted to the preferred shades.If you want bright and intense colors, they are best used in the kitchen.In the design of bedrooms preferred blue shades of purple, as they are more calm and relaxing.Colors of lilac and lavender, as well as any other floral shades look good in the interior bathrooms.Violet in the interior of the living room can be refined and elegant.To do this, use the aubergine, grape or plum shades.Children can be issued in lavender purple or pinkish tinge, but this room is more suitable for girls.In his office will look nice reddish wine shades.

basic rule when applying purple interior design - it does not go to extremes and do not overdo it with color.The abundance of dark purple surface is depressing, and a plurality of light-pink shades give the room and cloying mush.Choose the optimal combination of shades of purple, concomitant color and right style room - this is a very complicated matter.But if you show the imagination and taste, the result is quite impressive.