Stickers in the bathroom - a quick way to renovate the interior

To update podnadoevshy interior of the bathroom, it is not necessary to buy a new tile, remove the old one, hiring a team of artists who would skorenko change everything.One can do smaller and much less costly in terms of money and in terms of physical activity.Decorative stickers for the bathroom (even by well-known European brands) at the cost of significantly inferior to high-quality ceramics.And time and effort on their application to the wall will take quite a bit.You do not even have to call the professionals - you can handle.

Besides applied decals can be not only on the wall.Decorate any surface: floor, shower, sink, bathtub.But do not overdo it, try to follow a sketch.And do not worry if the first attempt does not guessed from the true location of the labels.The bathroom decor is used, which can be re-stick without loss to its appearance.It is only necessary to carefully follow the instructions supplied with the product.

Procedure is absolutely simple.To begin with carefully prepare the pl

ace of the future location of the picture: cleanse from dirt and wipe dry with a cloth.The latter should not shedding, otherwise remaining lint can cause small air bubbles, which would spoil the appearance.

Then mark up the location for applying labels to the bathroom.Following comes the most crucial moment.In the hands of take the workpiece and begin gradually to release it from the substrate.Take your time.Remove the lower protective layer, parallel smoothes sticker from the top down.When the image is completely transferred to the surface once again stroll squeegee from the center to the edges to get rid of the slightest wrinkles.At the end remove the foil.

That's all.It remains only to assess the resulting effect.Indeed, the sticker in the bathroom to radically transform the situation.You just have to guess the design.Now on sale there are a lot of pictures nautical theme: fish, shells, algae graceful.Do not look less elegant floral motifs.They are becoming increasingly popular figures with city views and stunning scenery.Do not lose relevance and monochrome stickers.For lovers of abstraction produces a variety of ornaments.

And more manufacturers have mastered the production of decorative elements of texture, so now you can decorate the room plausible loose pebbles.

Separately presented children's series.Funny inhabitants of the seas and oceans, fairy-tale characters, characters favorite cartoons - your child will no longer be capricious during bathing.A special anti-slip stickers affixed to the bottom of the tub, protecting the baby from falling.

Perhaps the most common are vinyl stickers in the bathroom.They are not afraid of damp atmosphere, they can be any wet wash.They are not even afraid of minor mechanical damage.

All products sold are in the process of mandatory certification.Therefore, you can be sure that the sticker in the bathroom, do not emit any harmful volatile substances.