Interior children's options for girls: Princess or restless

Making children's room has a direct impact on child development.It's his little world, which should be safe and comfortable.Children's room like toys, books, music and other things by which the baby learns.

a variety of options for interior children girl or boy there are many.But for some reason the first thing that comes to mind parents of the baby - it oversaturate the situation in pink.Old stereotypes have long been destroyed by a strong case of psychologists, as the abundance of pink baby gets nervous and moody.

Children for obedient and quiet girls in classical style

classic style will be a very good option to create a cozy interior of children.For girls it is an opportunity to join the art, literature and music.At the heart of style furniture and fittings are the correct forms, calm and even slightly muted tones are appropriate objects of interior brown.It is desirable the presence of natural fabrics such as wool, cotton, silk and satin.The situation will complement the picture of the mas

sive gilded frames, photographs from the family archive.Double Bed, antique chair, big chandelier and sconces, too, will be superfluous.

room for active baby

Minimalism have handy when creating an interior for children.For girls active and brisk free space - the most important thing.To create a befitting environment ideal wallpaper bright colors with a simple pattern, or geometric pattern.Furniture and curtains should choose light colors, and the perimeter of children's lamps set point type.

Interior Design for Children girl in a minimalist style suggests the presence in the room only the most necessary things.Therefore, from the furniture must be left with only a bed, a wardrobe, a desk and a chest of drawers.And the main space of the room should be free and equipped with a play area.

Children for the little princess

Interior nursery for girls (pictured), who from an early age too confident and knows exactly what he wants, it is desirable to perform in the romantic style.Preference is given in this case, not bright color palette.The room is dominated by white, beige, pale pink and muted coral.

As for furniture, it should blow from her grace and tenderness.To do this, fit a large spacious wardrobe or chest of drawers, a bed on curved legs, a round table.Match colors palette interior and furniture is highly desirable.The same applies to the fabric material, it must be natural.Suit silk, wool or cotton.

not interfere with additional accessories in the romantic style for the interior of children.For a girl who feels like a princess, need lamps of different shapes and sizes, unusual soft blankets, pillows with ruches, small ottomans.For completeness, it should put a vase with fresh flowers or potted plants.One of the walls can be converted into a children's fairy tale illustration, so the room will look not as mature and boring.Not bad to hang on window blinds bright, which depicts the cartoon characters.