Decorative finishing of facades

One of the main ways to make the building identity and enhancing its performance is decorative (outer) finish.It is very important that it not only has a decorative and aesthetic purpose, but also performs a variety of functions, provides protection infrastructure building from adverse external influences.Using modern materials are very easy to ensure that the finishing was of great practical significance and defended the construction of the structure:

  • effects of solar ultraviolet radiation;
  • Penetration mildew;
  • high humidity atmospheric precipitation;
  • sudden changes in temperature.

kinds of decorative finishes

Modern decorative finish of facades is very diverse, and it is better to divide it into several groups depending on the materials used:

  • Natural stone can be called one of the best materials for his unpretentiousness and relative simplicityto install, good compatibility with a variety of architectural styles and compositions.
  • Facade plaster convenient that are sold in countless varia
    tions, with all shades and textures, which makes it possible to use a combination of these.
  • sometimes used for finishing wood, but only in rare cases.Basically, when a structure is built from timber or shield additionally designed the "lining."
  • Siding is gaining popularity due to low price, durability and a wide variation of colors.Usually it is made of plastics or metal, and can sometimes be found models which are based on high density foam.The oldest
  • facing materials can be called a ceramic tile and brick.Their use gives an aesthetic structure, majestic views.Facing brick is very popular when the building is built of seemingly unattractive materials such as gas silicate blocks.
  • Sometimes there Coating of polystyrene foam.This material is easy enough in the processing and assembly, which simplifies many technical nuances associated with features of finishing.Styrofoam can not be called a very strong material, but it has excellent sound and thermal insulation properties, significantly increasing the service life of the structure.

Modern decorative finish of facades can not only make a building beautiful, but also significantly increase its service life.And the abundance of material makes it possible to determine which is more important than quality finishes and in line with this to make a choice.