Fireplace artificial - the highlight of your interior!

Fire has always been an indispensable element in the rich homes or apartments.And now he has not gone out of fashion.However, in modern apartments to build a real fireplace can only be in very rare cases, as many require security clearance.However, you can find a way out.For example, an artificial fireplace complement your interior, there will be little different from the real products and will give the heat.

It has a number of advantages:

- beautiful appearance;

- a variety of designs (which will buy exactly the model that will be in harmony with the environment);

- light weight;

- the ability to heat the room;

- to provide a flame effect;

- no need for permits and the construction of the chimney;

- security;

- to provide psychological comfort.

artificial fireplace can also have additional features such as a built-in bar.It is sufficiently functional because it can operate as a heater or as a decorative element.And it can be moved from one place to another.It should also be noted that the a

rticle can be placed not only on the floor.

artificial fireplace is powered by a conventional power outlet, which should be quite close to him.There are several varieties of products presented: insert and wall units.The first type - is a conventional electric furnace, which must be inserted into a prepared niche.In principle, such devices may be sold complete with a decorative design (pedestal).In this case, it can even be used as a TV stand.

Artificial fireplaces in the apartment can be made independently.That means you can personally make a portal and decorate it with stucco or artificial stone.In principle, you can use any material, because they do not have to use fire-resistant finish.Wall units have a small thickness, so they are easy to hang as a picture.Therefore, you can install a fireplace, even in a small room.Form apparatus may also be different, for example square, rectangular or even circular.Wall-mounted version can be equipped with a heat fan, which will provide the necessary temperature in the room.

artificial fireplace has several operating modes.For example, it can simulate razzharennye embers or flames.All of this is provided by special LED lights that can light up in different colors and give this effect.Sometimes in a fireplace simulated small sparks that curl over the crackling firewood (all of which can be accompanied by appropriate sound).

There are also special electric furnaces, which have similarities with barbecue with smoldering wood.This design can be placed anywhere, even on a table.Naturally, with such a device should be very careful, because it is an open heat source.

Thus, an artificial fireplace in the interior is a real decoration of your apartment.