What is the interior?

What is the interior?If you do without specific terminology and high-sounding phrases, then this situation of the room and its finishing.Making their homes became popular in the days of ancient Egypt.Even then, people have tried to give the room a certain appearance and little changed it almost constantly.So the concept of "interior".In general, the atmosphere of the room, its interior is always subject to any particular style.Today we'll talk about how to design your home in a contemporary style and classic.

Modern interior apartment

Every woman wants to have a home in which everything will be perfect.Today, a lot depends on what kind of interior design you choose for your property.Let's look at the options of modern styles in the interior.After all, they can give the room a special atmosphere that is completely different to what it was before.What is the interior, we have already learned, and how to draw in the modern style?Very simple.Called modern styles such as high-tech, modern and minimalist.

This design residents prefer the big city, who are used to the dynamic rhythm of life.They are simple and easy.

What is the interior in modern style

interested in this kind of home decoration that everything is created on the game of contrasts.For example, the art deco style is characterized by the fact that all the furniture has metal elements in the decoration and the shape of it - more streamlined.Fabrics used only natural and expensive.It is a style of luxury, but not arrogance and obsession, and one that is characterized by simplicity and elegance.That is why the walls in a modern interior play the role of just a background for expensive furniture.No less interesting and the decor rooms in the style of kitsch.There must be present bright, acid colors and combining incompatible.This means that furniture can easily choose from a variety of materials, periods and styles and match with each other.Of course, this version of the design for the amateur, but in general it can be very interesting.A similar style to create a modern interior set, and all of them in its own attractive and unusual to create a unique style.

classic interior and its features

This kind of decoration of the room is incredibly beautiful and luxurious.He is always at the height of fashion, and stands outside her whims.Ceiling moldings, light colors in the interior and simple furniture made of natural materials - all of it is typical classical interior.Any irregular shapes and sharp angles - everything is perfect.Without a home and other machinery today simply can not do, and it is not always suited to the classical style, and it is sustained.That is why all the equipment in the interior hides, rather, is integrated into the furniture.In no case do not try to bring in a product made of metal or plastic.Even if they are well made, the overall impression from the interior is still spoil.


What is the interior in a modern and classical style, you know.Whichever one is chosen for the decoration of your home, it will help create a unique atmosphere and comfort in it.