Striped wallpaper - refined classics and modern dynamics in the interior

Choosing the colors of the walls - this is probably one of the most important and difficult tasks for those who make repairs.Its importance lies in the fact that the color and pattern of the wall covering will always be dominant, trailing on all the other elements of the interior, and the complexity - in their correct choice, create harmony, comfort and beauty.Striped wallpaper never blown out of fashion, they have been and will be very popular in the eighteenth and twenty-first century, and their success is due to the versatility of the pattern, which can be a classic and very modern.It depends on the width, location and color bands.

dull (no more than two colors) strips of any width - from very narrow, pencil, to a very wide - it's a classic.These wallpapers are used for creating sophisticated interiors in the palace style.Smooth, soaring straight lines make the interior in a classical rigor and elegance.There will also be appropriate wallpaper in black and white or red and white stripes, true color

s, this is quite complicated for the selection of furniture and accessories.Choosing such wallpaper, it is important to bear in mind that the entire interior should be almost monochrome, with small patches of another color, then it will be a truly classic.Striped wallpaper with gold or silver, with prisoners in them a slight floral ornaments and bouquets of flowers - a romantic.Such walls will make the room light and elegant, bring finesse and tenderness.

Bright vivid stripes of different colors and widths create a dynamic modern interior, they will fill its special mood, as if vibrating stretched strings.Delicate bright striped wallpaper, wall, and fit in the children's room - they will look relaxed and fun setting the tone playful room.

But the strip is not only universal.This picture is complicated and can change the perception of space, both for the better and for the worse.For example, too wide horizontal stripes along all the walls, very much visually reduce the floor space, compress the walls and make a square room small and cramped and narrow and long - even longer and narrower.Vertical pattern will pull up the room, and if the ceiling is already high, it will be even higher, which can visually transform a room in a "well", but on the other hand, are good to use wallpaper, if you want to raise a low ceiling.However, be aware that such features have striped wallpaper with bright color contrast.Pastel muted colors have little effect on changing the visual space.In addition, the dull strip of close tones wallpaper merge (at a distance), turning the wall almost monochromatic.

What else should pay attention wishing to purchase a finishing material in question?Striped wallpaper require absolutely smooth walls and corners.Any irregularities will be accentuated by them, will become more noticeable.Therefore, before deciding to stick these wallpapers, you should carry out thorough preparatory work.

choice of furniture and accessories will also depend on the brightness of the lines on the walls.The brighter and more contrast image, the easier it should be a situation room.Strips very well with right angles closets and cabinets, with a classic oval shape will also be highly relevant to the fine elegant stripe.It is desirable to bright colors on the walls to support the textiles.For example, one of the colors in the pattern on the wallpaper be sure to repeat the curtains, covers and cushions.

original and beautiful can get a combination of striped wallpaper with ornamental wallpaper or color companion.In principle, very bright and dynamic stripes vykleivat recommend one or two walls, no more, as a picture tired and bored quickly, creating constant psychological pressure.

If it is difficult to find the right color striped wallpaper, apply a picture yourself.For this, first the walls are painted in a very light tone, and then they mark out strips the desired width, glued to places that do not need to paint, construction tape, then successively changing color paints, paint on the walls of bars of different colors and widths, changing positionscotch.This versatile design is easy to set up on the already overexposed plain nonwoven wallpaper, just draw it on the wall and thereby updating the interior.