The interiors of the bedrooms in the style of Provence - French charm

There just is not room design options offer designers.From mere names (vintage, classic, colonial, oriental style) fit dizzy.But rushing into the maelstrom of the past decorating delights, remember one very simple thing - you will have day-to-day life in the created situation around.And to the new realities do not cause rejection in advance, think about comfort.If you are in the shower romantic love and boundless value home comfort, warm, friendly relations, the design of the bedroom in the style of Provence is perfect for your life.Undoubtedly, this is your option!

What is the peculiarity of this style?Provence - a region of southeastern France.Simply put, in the province.Therefore, some rustic motifs slip slightly in the atmosphere.The interiors of the bedrooms in the style of Provence are particularly soft and harmonious.No artificial materials and synthetics.Beds or light wood, wrought iron or metal.And wooden structures required to artificially older.Things should look as if you have got inherite

d from her grandmother.

Now let's talk a little more about the beds.As mentioned, the bed should be wood or metal.Vintage forged model will give the room a special charm.Pick up the simplest shape.It is better to take care of an appropriate design.The original textile flax, cotton and wool, light canopy, or canopy, an abundance of small pillows - these components are responsible for the comfort.

addition to the bed, which, of course, plays a major role, the situation is difficult to imagine without the dresser, bedside tables.The interiors of the bedrooms in the style of Provence abound with different cute trinkets.They find their shelter on any surface.But this room does not seem oversaturated.On the other hand, the abundance of small decorative details (thread, twisted candlesticks, unusual finishes, in the old part of pictures, porcelain) and create the right atmosphere.The room seemed to come alive.

One of the conditions to be creating the interiors of the bedrooms in the style of Provence - it is the use of pastel colors.Screaming paint out of place here.Do you want to emphasize the affiliation of your chosen design historic homeland?Then make emphasis on shades of lavender.It is known that the French province of the same name famous lavender plantations.I do not like this color?Well, white and beige, milky, tender green, blue - Pick up the tone to your liking.The more natural, closer to nature will scale better.

Another subtlety - a special love for floral patterns.Without it a bedroom in the style of Provence.Wallpaper, drawing on the bedspread, print on canopy, curtains - no matter what it will be.Perhaps, you are limited by small bouquets in a vase on the bedside table.

Wallpaper, incidentally, can be striped, and solid-color, and texture.But, following the basic requirement should avoid bright, flashy colors and choose extremely quiet earth tones.

sensual, full immersion in a slow and relaxed pace of life, softness and inimitable French charm - that's what bribe bedrooms interiors in the style of Provence.Soak you this fairy tale, which is easy to create your own hands!