We consider the styles of interior.

Today, with home renovation, we study many styles of interior.French style attracts attention with its beauty, luxury, and at the same time, lack of pretentiousness.And he came and what's so remarkable?

known that in its present form it originated in France.This Frenchman of the most unpretentious things able to create something beautiful and airy.Needless to say that they could do with the original noble and beautiful object.Even in the 18th century when the fashion for all luxurious and elegant, was born and conquered all the surrounding countries this wonderful and extraordinary style interior.By the way, he absorbed several styles - Rococo, Empire and Baroque.The first gives the interior a noble delicacy and lightness, the second - an unusual and beautiful moldings, and the latter helped create the image of the royal chambers, but without much pomp.

French style in the interior of the apartment: select the palette

To make rooms in this embodiment is to choose pastel colors.Light green, beig

e, peach - all delicate palette of French decor.Darker colors - gray and brown - can be present only in the pieces of furniture.By the way, rich, bright colors are also quite appropriate, only in small quantities, and as decorative elements.

finishing room

If we consider the most different style of interior French style is considered not only the most beautiful, elegant and delicate, but it can be called also the most luxurious.The walls, floor and ceiling are only used light pastel colors.For the walls will be a wonderful option Venetian plaster or liquid wallpaper, which allow you to play with texture.For the perfect floor covering parquet will be only natural and light tone, or floor tiles.However, it certainly should be glossy and golden unusual pattern.Stretch ceiling here is simply irrelevant.It is impossible to put the stucco.And because we prefer plasterboard.

French style in the interior living

to furnish this room remains as soft and luxurious at the same time, as for the whole house as a whole.Just remember: minor flaws, stand the other styles of interior French style in this sense is quite demanding.It all has to be perfect.Including furniture.So Treat her choice with a high selectivity.So, upholstered furniture should be elegant and legs.Well, if the back and armrests are made of wood and have a figure drawing.The same rule applies to all items of furniture.Tables and chairs can be both wooden and wrought iron.But in any case, elegant and airy.Paintings on the walls of the living room will be a perfect complement to the interior.A wrought-iron candlesticks and chandeliers give the room a bulky additional charm and romance.

In conclusion

good many styles of interior French style - just beautiful.Only he is able to transform any room into a luxury apartment of the royal house.But at the same time they will be cozy and comfortable.