We choose the style of interior.

came to us from Africa Moroccan style.Today he is the most exotic of all.It perfectly combines east and west.He gathered the traditions of decoration Greece, France, Spain and the Arab peoples.And that is what it is so great to adjoin the rigor and sophistication of the West line of the East, it became the basis of such an unusual style.

What colors characteristic of Moroccan style

interior is decorated with the use of this design has all the colors of Africa, to be exact nature.Here you can find sand, and red and green tones.But at the same time in the design and the colors perfectly coexist East: gold, red, deep blue.Was influenced by Asian, Moroccan style in the interior, a photo of which the imagination, absorbed and white.Fabulous and unusual looks nice bright unusual furniture and decoration to an entirely white walls and floor.

apartment in Moroccan style: what to use for sex?

The choice of flooring is due to climatic conditions of the country, which comes from the option of finishing

.And since Africa is very hot, the floor was traditionally used stone - it is cold, but at the same time incredibly beautiful.If you're not a fan of this material, then stop your choice on the laminate wood.It is also a good option.However, mainly for harmony is used rough floorboards, parquet or laminate but also nice.But it is better to choose the floor tiles of granite with an interesting pattern.And besides, you can be perfectly complement the interior, if you lay on the floor of the additional patterns of colored mosaics.By the way, do not forget the rug.It should be luxurious and desirable handmade.After all, like all styles of interior, Moroccan style does not forgive errors.This means that everything has to be luxurious and natural.

Wall Decoration

not tolerate mismatches many styles of interior, Moroccan style in this series takes almost the first place.As you know, in the east wall plastered.In doing so they became like a marble.In our time, this effect can be achieved with the help of plaster.If you do not want to waste time and effort to the creation of such splendor, you can just plaster walls and paint them.Colors should choose bright or plain white.And one more thing, which does not accept the other styles of interior (Moroccan style in this regard and the attractive) - is the presence of niches in the walls.They perfectly replace many shelves and cabinets to which we are accustomed.


It must be carved and graceful.One of the inherent attributes of the style can be called a poof.It is very comfortable to sit, and it gives the interior originality.Another mandatory attribute - chests.They may be small and, as the box, and more.They sit or store things inside.In either embodiment, it is unusual and attractive.Forging must always be in the style of the interior.Tables, benches or bench with forged twisted legs give the room the right mood.A lamp in the Oriental style will not only illuminate the room in the dark, but also create an atmosphere of mystery and magic that are already impregnated with Moroccan style.


So many things listed above do not accept other styles of interior.Moroccan style without them is unthinkable.Therefore, if you are an ardent fan of the East and can not live without its attributes, this alternative design was created specifically for you.