Children for children of different sexes: how to arrange it right?

Children for children of different sexes shall be made out on the basis of their relationship.After all, if in the same family as the children are living with a dog and a cat fight over every little thing, then another, they do not spill water.And in the second case to issue the room will be much easier.But for those children who can not get along, it is possible to find a compromise that will help them to reconcile and become closer to each other.

Where to start?

Children for children of different sexes should begin to take shape with the zoning.So you will be able to identify the most important - a place to sleep, play and perform lessons.And do not forget that children are very important to keep your personal territory.If possible, put in a room two separate beds and a separate writing desk.Or an empty table to be shared, but big enough to seat both.

bunk bed - a bone of contention for a house or two?

Design nursery for children of different sexes begins with the bed.If there is not enough

to accommodate a bed for each child, it is worth paying attention to a bunk bed.But it is worth remembering that it could be another reason for the quarrel children.After all, they both will seek to bed upstairs.In this case, parents need to look for a compromise.In no case can not insist on his own opinion.Thus, the decisive argument can be one of the larger age children. him sleeping upstairs will be safer - just do not fall.But remember, the arguments must be convincing, and the child may think that you love him less than a brother or sister and inward.But if children can negotiate themselves, everything is just fine.In this case, the bed will soon be a place for their shared secrets and mysteries.


So, we have identified a sleeper - go into the working area.If there is not enough space to accommodate two desks, you should put one, but big.Children better sit facing each other, so they will be less distracted.If the one of the kids is not enough light, it is worth paying attention to the desk on wheels - it can be deployed and put children so that both light enough.

nursery for children of different sexes - the secret of the interior?

Of course, first of all it should be neither too girlish or too boyish.Optimally, it will draw in a fairy theme.It should pick up the story so that the picture is varied by gender.Then the children would not be hurt.You can, of course, to share a room on the color lines.Paint the walls and ceiling in different shades.But psychologists have found that it is not necessary to do so - children separated from each other.And if they do not very friendly, nothing good will come out of this venture.Children for children of different sexes should be common to the two, but not for everyone.If two beds, it is possible to divide the territory is quite simple - put a wall of books between them.It's interesting - you can play and hiding, also very useful - reading books has not been canceled.


Children for children of different sexes should be spacious, and there must always be a place for games.Also, pay attention to how your children will be brought together if their room stops to become a place of disputes and quarrels.