Select ceilings: which is better - matte or glossy

few years ago, suspended ceiling was considered a novelty and luxury, but today more and more people prefer it this ceiling finish.This is not surprising, because this ceiling is very reliable, durable and also has a perfect appearance.Weight structural features, textures and colors can create original ceiling systems, restriction of which can only be a fantasy.

Depending on the material all stretched canvas divided into two types, and to select ceilings (which is best: matte or glossy), you need to understand what the difference between these two types.


matte canvas is made from safe plastic PVC and impregnated with polyurethane.Ceilings with cloth have a flat surface, but feels they are a little rough.Exterior finish reminiscent of a well-plastered surfaces, but caring for tension ceilings kind of dull - such ceilings can be cleaned.This kind of finish is ideal for the classic style, the traditional white color in the new treatment will be looked aristocratic.A colored ceiling with

drawings or photographs of the room bring the spirit of modernity.

glossy canvas, too, is made of PVC, but without impregnation.The surface of the film - is smooth and mirror-like, allowing the space visually becomes more spacious, higher and lighter.This glamorous ceiling is ideal for rooms in Art Nouveau style and high-tech.Designers often use color gloss or satin with printed pattern to create accents on the ceiling surface.

How to choose the right fabric

Sooner or later, every host is faced with repairing the ceiling, and often chooses for his home ceilings.Which is better - matte or glossy?It's everyone decides for himself, but it is important to finish the ceiling in harmony with the style and design of the entire room.It is necessary that a mirror image is not out of the general picture, and the pattern on the ceiling add to the ambience of the room.

important to note that high-gloss canvas is afraid of cold temperatures, therefore in the finishing non-insulated balconies and loggias preference better to give a matte finish, it can withstand a small freezing temperatures.If the balcony is insulated and there are planned ceilings, which is better - choose matte or glossy - a matter of taste.

Another detail, which need to pay attention - web width.At matte paintings width of up to 5 meters, but the "gloss" has the width - from 1.5 to 3 meters.Manufacturers say though, that the seams subtly, yet effectively looks seamless ceilings.Which is better - matte or glossy surface, with or without a seam - the decision of the owner.


Keep tension mat ceiling clean is very easy - just occasionally wipe it with a damp cloth and soap solution.But aggressive and abrasive cleaners use is strictly prohibited.

Care tension glossy ceiling is somewhat different - the gloss and rub harder to fix.Wash it better with the help of a trusted agent for glasses and rub the surface to a perfect shine will help ammonia.A small amount of alcohol poured onto a soft cloth, wipe it dry with a ceiling and wipe it.