Application on the wall - are engaged in interior decoration

sometimes quite small original accent to transform the interior, making it truly unique.Although the techniques of decorating the walls are unlikely to have changed significantly - painting, mosaics, frescoes, the novelty of making materials and unexpected methods of their use.Designers are forced to look at familiar things from an unfamiliar angle.

For example, all the fun the kids - applique.On the wall, it turns out, it is also possible to stick.Not only applications from paper.At homegrown decorators in the course of foam, plywood, vinyl, plastic.Even DVD-drives can be useful for the implementation of the mad creative design.

If you do not yet feel in themselves the courage to do yourself, use ready-made templates.Bought applique on the wall is not worse revive weary of the situation.And put it on the surface is not difficult.You can even summon in his household assistants, if not stay away from the creative process.

The process itself is simple.Need examples to the wall with a pencil to note

the location of the future decor.Then pick up a pattern.The upper part of the template attached to the surface of masking tape, and then from the inside carefully removed substrate.Pulling the substrate, gently press the sticker pasting it.Before you remove the protective layer of the mounting paper must be carefully smooth out the picture.At the end you will have the applique.On the wall is sometimes applied fairly complex picture, it does not consist of a single part.Therefore, to avoid confusion in a sequence of elements, strictly follow the advice appended to the label instructions.

trained on templates, try on their own to create something truly delicious.For example, suppose your living butterflies.Applications on the wall does not require you to outstanding artistic abilities.Silhouette of butterflies can be printed on paper.And then later transferred to a thin sheet of foam.Why polystyrene?From it leaves a beautiful, voluminous decor.A cut from foam winged creatures covered with acrylic paint and glued or glue or liquid nails.

similar decor appropriate to any room.You just have to choose the right pattern, color and material.That would look great in the living room, it is unlikely to be appropriate in the bedroom.Assume tastes and preferences of all living in the apartment of the family.Maybe they do not really like your sketch.Utryasite all differences advance.

When selecting applications on the wall in the nursery, consider the age and gender of your child.Do not take a decision without his participation.If your intention is to issue their own room, and then let your child make a contribution.Let it with you develop a sketch, paint and glues parts.

Try perhaps a small cutout on the wall will open to your design talent, and already following your work will be much harder.You will see how you can beat the invention of scraps of fabric, beads and buttons of which have accumulated in boxes in the attic ...