Interesting design of wooden houses in

Starting to think about the design of wooden houses inside, do not forget that it is based must still enter natural wood.Only it will help to create an invoice in the house this special style and an atmosphere of warmth and coziness.And so we must try to preserve wood surface in its original form.It is not necessary to hang wallpaper and plaster walls and the cover panel.It argued that in a wooden house everything is fine initially, and do not try to embellish the interior even more.But we tend to try to change something and converted into his home.Then you should choose to furnish the same natural materials as the tree itself.So the design of the wooden house from the inside will be organic and nevychurnym.By the way, there are some interesting stylistic decisions that seem created for such housing.

House hut

Design of wooden houses in this style as it follows the tradition of the times of Ancient Rus in the design of housing.On the walls and ceiling of the house is applied special floral ornament.

Today it is just a tribute to tradition, as previously it was a kind of protection from evil forces, the protection of God's family.On the walls are always relevant paintings of nature and still life.It is advisable to choose the objects of interior in the same style.Massive cabinets, chests and dressers will organically complement the interior.As, however, and carved wooden furniture.All NAPO beauty and bears the Q factor, is an ideal setting for the house in this style.

Alpine hut away from the Alps

style "chalets" came to us from the Alpine village where tourists are so fond of rest.Design of wooden houses, within which all made to drink of peace and tranquility, decorated in this style, presupposes the existence of wood and stone.Exposed beams on the ceiling of the whole array, and a fireplace made of stone, considered to be an integral part of a "chalet".Furniture may be modern, but definitely aged and covered with a patina.So the interior will look more natural.

Design of wooden houses in the Scandinavian style

Making room in this style somehow falls a little from the traditional ode wood.Here there are all shades of snow and ice that help make the room look bigger and brighter.Because the walls, floor and ceiling finish shall be mandatory in bright colors.But the tree is present in the atmosphere: furniture, decoration, and even photo frames have to be made of this material.No other style is not combines heat and cold at the same time, but that's the highlight of it.


This style was originally an ode to all natural and rough.And wooden house it fits perfectly.There are no fine lines of thread, there is no ease of flying fabrics, no bright colors.All in an atmosphere of well made, natural and intimate nature.At the same time the design of wooden houses in rustic filled with warmth and comfort.

English style

Design of wooden houses inside, a photo of which can be seen in any magazine of the interior must be restrained and classic at the same time refined.This is precisely the interior decoration in the English style.Light wood walls and floors in perfect harmony with dark furniture made of valuable wood.And carpets and gilded accessories give it a touch of elegance and luxury.This style is out of time and out of fashion.