When to plant cabbage seedlings

in greenhouse before planting the main crops can be grown quality seedlings of different varieties of cabbage.This early varieties, Medium early and medium varieties of cabbage and cauliflower and other.Therefore it is important to know when to plant cabbage seedlings.Seeds of cabbage have already begin to germinate at 3 degrees.And at 20 degrees temperature of soil, this process accelerates and reaches an optimal germination (3-4 days from sowing).Placed in a greenhouse is best raspikirovat already got accustomed seedlings that have grown in the home.

standard for cabbage seedlings should be no more than five true leaves.Age it must be from the time the shoot about two months.Accordingly, the need to calculate when to plant cabbage seedlings.If you are going to plant the seedlings in late May, the sowing must be done somewhere in the 25 March.All frost can withstand and still provide a high yield of only high-quality, robust and hardened seedlings.Therefore, we must strictly abide by the order of how

to plant seedlings of cabbage.

Pawn a good and strong seedling - the correct pre-sowing seed treatment.First of all, you need to make a selection of hand-size seeds, the best seeds are having a size in diameter of about 2 mm.For the purpose of processing before when put on the cabbage seedlings, seeds were placed for 20 minutes in water at about 50 degrees, then cooled in cold water for 3 minutes and dried to flowability.

against clubroot and bacteriosis may be another 20 minutes to warm up the seeds, while the temperature should be 50 degrees.And after such a heat treatment for 1.5-2 hours should be placed in a solution with a concentration of 0.5 g / liter of ammonium molybdate and boric acid.To improve germination, are treated in a 0.5% solution of urea.

Some gardeners recommend to sow the seeds of cabbage already on January 15th.Terms of sowing seeds, when to plant cabbage seedlings are determined by the fact that from the seed and until the friendly shoots held from 8 to 12 days, and already from germination to the formation of high-grade seedlings still held 45-50 days.Similarly determine the timing, when to plant seedlings of cauliflower.

in boxes sown seedlings should grow until the first true leaf, then they raspikirovyvayut.During the pick should reject all later ascended and weaknesses, as well as the defeat of the "black leg" and the absence of the apical bud seedlings.When swordplay seedlings (especially if they are stretched) almost to bury cotyledons, seedling to become stronger with the help of the formation of additional roots.Particularly seedling soil for growing seedlings of cabbage is required, it must be the same as for other vegetable seedling.

If seedlings are grown in greenhouses under the film, the light conditions are quite favorable for it, so the plants do not need more light quenching.Note that cabbage seedlings can not tolerate shade from the onset of the first shoots up to its readiness for landing.Seedlings in the greenhouse is best put in the drawers and on the surface of the soil under the crates underlie polyethylene film.The bottom of the boxes is also coated with a film, but it makes a hole to excessive moisture dripping from fertilizing and watering solutions.Such cultivation of seedlings in boxes makes it more comfortable moving through the greenhouse, if necessary, and makes it easier to reject substandard sprouts.

Watering seedlings should be abundant, but not too often.The temperature of the irrigation water should be slightly above the temperature of the soil in which it grows.To properly care for the seedlings should be observed and the temperature, it will provide its air quenching.Before planting seedlings in open ground should be a few days to even the temperature in the greenhouse at a temperature of outside air.