Installation of the shower - assembly with his own hands

Benefits showers to baths are known to everyone.They are compact, comfortable.Modern designs have a lot of useful functions - which only cost showers with hydro massage, not to mention the lighting, the ability to listen to music, etc.The choice today is really great, both in functionality and price.It is considered that the design of the installation must engage appropriate experts, but it is not so.Installation of the shower with his own under the force of each owner.

So, first of all, you need to understand that any designs, from the most simple to the most feature-rich, collected on the same principle.For example, with steam showers, speakers and to receive telephone calls are mounted in the same way as the more conventional designs, and only according to instructions.

process begins with the installation of the pallet.All are equipped with adjustable feet to be put with the help of the level, and then tighten the screws.The pallet should ideally enter a corner, however if the angle itself will

be uneven, a gap is formed, which have to be eliminated.If the gap width of not more than 5mm.on each side, correct the situation can be uniformly distributed is the distance to each edge and fill it with silicone.If the gap is much larger, with the help of the Bulgarian trimmed tiles and pan delve into the wall on the distance needed for tight installation.The top line of the joint between the tray and the wall must also be careful to fill the silicone.Important: at all times, while installation takes shower, you can not remove the protective film from the pallet.

Comes drain hose.One end is attached to the pallet, the second - is displayed on the hole for drainage.It is better to install a tee, as the system will be connected to the washing machine taps, bathtubs, etc.All joints when approaching water better seal.

Installing the shower requires a separate power outlet, it is better if it is designed for rooms with high humidity.

After installation you need to check the drain pan.Buckets of water will be enough.If the drain is functioning properly, you can proceed to install the framework.Frame collected separately, is mounted on a pallet and secured to the wall.Pre bolted profiles included in the box.Once the frame is mounted, set the blind glass walls at the edges, which are additionally mounted on rubber gaskets.On both sides of the vertical walls with screws pressed against the profile arc.

The next phase - installation of doors.First, they are mounted on top of the arc after - screwed bottom rollers.Now you can attach the handle to the door and try to slip.

Installing the shower this is over, there are only fixed to the wall bracket with a groove for the shower and soap holder.Now you can remove the protective film, and fully enjoy the cabin.