The mirror in the bathroom: how to choose

no mirror in the bathroom to do difficult and hardly possible.And why, in fact, deprive yourself of comfort and convenience?And the mirror can be a very original interior decoration bathroom.How to choose a mirror in the bathroom, which will bring only positive emotions?

selection process should begin with a definition of the objectives to be achieved by means of the subject and the problems that will be solved.So, correctly matched mirror in the bathroom can visually expand the space.A special mirror with light make morning make-up for women or for men shaving much better and faster.But you must understand that Make Up Mirror, for example, are usually small in size, and with their help the area to expand the space visually.A large mirror, the size of the entire wall, usually do not have shelves and lighting, which is necessary when making a toilet.All this must be taken into account!It turns out that without clearly defined requirements for the purchase of the product is better not to do.

also a good idea to understand what all the options mirror in the bathroom can be.Start still be a size.There are no hard limits here, but the general rule is that the size of the mirror should be proportional to height and floor space.

Next is to decide whether the mirror in the bathroom acquired as a "solo" element (ie, will, for example, to hang on the wall above the sink) or will become an integral part of any piece of furniture (Sales have hanging lockers and cupboardsBathroom with mirror doors).

Another important issue will be your special requirements for this product.Some people just need a mirror in the bathroom, added illumination, and someone wants it does not accumulate condensate, and thus buys a heated mirror.

Also important design issue.This, of course, a matter of taste.And listen to this question is only to themselves and their own households, which will also use the mirror.After all, no matter how qualified or been a consultant in the store, he was not clairvoyant, and get "the bull's eye" regarding the border color or type of decor (fusing, crystals, engraving), likely will not.So brace yourself for the fact that the sellers should ask mainly about the technical side of the issue (the method of fixation, the product structure, guarantees, moisture resistance, resistance to temperature, etc.).And by the way, fashion trends - not through elections.For they change every season.

After "sketch" of what should be the future acquisition took shape, it is possible to solve the question of where to buy a mirror in the bathroom, and for what amount.In fact, it can be done where convenient and advantageous.But!It should immediately refuse the services of dubious outlets, which offer products for a penny, but do not give any guarantees.It is better to pay a little more, but understand that the product quality, certified and safe for health.