Induction hob and utensils for Her

one of the best boards for the kitchen is considered to be an induction cooktop.Indeed, because of the requirements that consumers have for any household appliances - safety, compactness, quality, capacity and efficiency, and the cooker are also important quality of ready meals and speed of preparation - it has no equal.It explained all the special properties of the induction cooker.The purpose of this article - to review the existing shortcomings and obvious benefits that are important to pose when selecting a kitchen appliances.

Why is called induction stove?

name plates reflects the principle of work that is fundamentally different from conventional electric cookers.Thereon by the surface of the ceramic heating element instead of the inductor are arranged.When electric current passes through the coil, a magnetic field (frequency of 20-100 kHz.), Which induces eddy currents directly on the bottom of the dish, thereby heating it.That is, the surface of the plate is not heated, then transfer the he

at to dishes as it does on other types of electric cookers.On the contrary, there is a direct heating of the pan, and the surface plate is not changed by the magnetic field, but, of course, part of the heat from the pot or pan will be transferred the plate, but never plate glow.

Features induction hob

economical in terms of energy consumption.

  • efficiency of induction plate is very high - about 90%, because there is no heat loss in the heating panel (as a conventional electric cookers, efficiency 60-70%), and by the hands (like a gas stove, the efficiency of 30-60%).
  • Burner is switched on only if it is installed utensils.Similarly, as soon as the cookware is removed, the hotplate will automatically switch off, which also reduces the power consumption.
  • Since heating dishes is very fast, the food starts cooking almost instantly, which certainly reduces the time to prepare meals.

Easy to use .

  • There is little of the power from the plate voltage.
  • degree heat (burner power) change instantly and smoothly regulated, ascontrol is performed by heating the bottom of the cookware, not the surface of the plate.
  • accurately maintain the set temperature the contents of the dishes (the temperature sensor does not have to respond to the gas flame or heat from the heating element).
  • power a hotplate can dramatically increase the expense of another (function Booster) for very high heat, such as a fast boiling water.
  • can have many functions of cooking, which is very important when you want to buy kitchen appliances for comfort.

Simple daily care .

  • Smooth ceramic hob induction cooker easy to clean.Pollution - Solid / bulk products or spills, trapped on the stove while it is running, do not burn due to the weak surface heating.
  • wash and clean the surface may almost immediately after turning off, without the risk of burns.

features that can be attributed to the shortcomings .

  • possible light hum when included at very low power at a frequency below 20 kHz (because frequencies above 20 kHz for the human ear can not hear).
  • If the cookware is very thin bottom, it's when you turn on the smallest capacity can lead to the effect of "intermittent boiling."But this is a relatively low-cost models.Induction cookers from this high-end reserved.
  • If the diameter is less than 12 cm dishes, the burner simply does not start to work - it is such a device.Of course, this feature does not just call a disadvantage, as it is a kind of protection against accidental inclusion in the forgotten her metallic objects or utensils.But at the same time, the Turk and coffee lovers of this drink do not cook.
  • And finally, the most important feature - a requirement to use utensils.The general rule is as follows: at the bottom of the containers must have a layer of a ferromagnetic metal, which should not be separated from the burner by anything except dielectrics.Only then will the induction cooker maximum efficiency.Moreover, modern models themselves recognize delivered her dishes, and if it turns out that the dishes do not meet the necessary conditions, the stove will not start.

What utensils needed for induction cookers.

  • When purchasing new dishes, check special character, exhibited at the bottom of the dish.
  • Check yourself the suitability of cookware it is easy - attach the magnet to the bottom: if primagnitilsya means utensils suitable for such boards.
  • more suited stainless steel cookware and cast iron.
  • all familiar enameled ware can also be used with an induction.
  • Conventional ceramic tableware is not suitable for induction cookers.But there was a sale and a special ceramic dishes with a ferromagnetic bottom.
  • beautiful and practical copper utensils, equipped with a special bottom of the ferromagnetic alloy is also excellent applied to the induction cooker.
  • If you still want to use the familiar dishes from ordinary ceramics, aluminum, glass, you need to purchase an adapter for induction plates or special induction drive.The disk is heated and transmits heat to the pan.
  • For any utensils used must be observed another general rule - the bottom must be smooth and flat, does not buckle when heated, and adhere to the surface of the panel.It is not hard to guess that the thick bottom most satisfies this condition.
  • necessary to ensure that the size of the bottom of the pots / pans to the diameter of the burners comply with the symbols;put the dishes on the stove burners are strictly centered.

Installation .

under the induction hob is not recommended to install another metal appliances: washing machine or dishwasher, refrigerator or freezer, and so on.

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