Sets skillet Vary

Russian tableware brands Vari on the market for over a decade.Crockery this manufacturer is popular with consumers in Russia and far beyond its borders and competes with more expensive and foreign well-known counterparts.In addition to the call-up name, inducement to action, it has an outstanding performance that customers have valued highly.Under this brand name products are manufactured Landskrona.Production facilities are located in the town of Pushkin, near St. Petersburg.
The product line has a manufacturer pans, bakeware, utyatnitsu sets pans.They discuss in more detail.The raw material for the manufacture of pans is extruded and cast aluminum.Antiprigranoe coating used in these models, supplied by Whitford and called Eterna.This ceramic coating is a third-generation photopolymer, environmentally friendly composite.The coating is characterized by Eterna:
- durability, which is especially practical like housewives;
- bright luster, a hundred dishes in the kitchen gives a festive look;I prepare fo

od in a utensil just Priya;
- applied layer thickness up to 27 microns, so the pan is very iznosoustoychivyi distinguishes them from cheaper but lower quality Chinese counterparts dishes that simply captivated posudny market;
- has excellent heat dissipation, so the food is heated evenly in the pan and quickly prepared, and it allows you to cook much more than usual Snack dishes while keeping the useful vitamins in raw products - food becomes not only delicious but also useful.In light of recent global trends sobmtvennom about taking care of the health, environmental and food wholesome food such pots and pans - a permanent irreplaceable thing in the kitchen every modern housewife ..
Pans coated Eterna can be washed in a dishwasher and use them for metalscapula.This fact is particularly etched practical housewives, because dishwashers have ceased to be a rarity in our kitchens.Products are suitable for glass ceramic plates.
popular is the series pans Cerama c coated Eclipse.Frying can be purchased individually or as a set.Pots in the series made by koksialnogo casting of cast aluminum.The coating has a reinforcing particles greater strength, is applied on the inner side pans in three layers.Numerous tests have confirmed the effectiveness of this technology.On the outer side of the collection pans coated with a refractory coating of noble blue.
It should be noted that in addition to a specified set of materials only within the fashion, in line Wari were samples of other, more familiar to consumers and affordable product - is popolyarnye aluminum casserole and pans, gusyatnitsy and utyannitsy sets pans as coatedand without (cast iron) like in the good times I try, as the plant continues to release Vari widest range of all kinds of cookware with non-stick coating which is based on PTFE.

Such widest range of dishes to satisfy the requests as the average of Russians to the average wage, and treat more sophisticated hostesses who follow fashion and the latest trends and are willing and able to see in your kitchen more expensive and high-quality dishes.And for those and for others there own line of cookware with good, and of course at a reasonable price.And this is very important - the wider the covered market, the more in demand brand.