Selection chambermaid Moscow

Where can I find a good housekeeper

It seems that the answer to the phrase "Who's maid" is initially laid in the matter.So, in other words, a person who is a universal helper in the house - cleans, washes, irons and cooks.

However, in today's world, these basic obligations have become scarce.Today, a professional housekeeper should be able to distinguish cotton GRT flax not to spoil things for washing, be able to distinguish the laminate from the parquet, know how to keep clean toys and how best to clean the surface of the home computer, and be able to be cleaned with all the wishes of the owners.Because now many household chemicals can cause allergies, which is especially important if there are children in the house.

Practice shows that to date, the number of proposals to provide services of nurses, governesses and housekeepers much more than the demand for them.

However, the process of selecting a suitable candidate is not so easy and it may take much more time and effort than anticipated.

So, the most common ways to find staff in this category are:

1. through a specialized recruitment agency

2. throught the ads in the newspaper (media, magazines, brochures)

3. the recommendations

If your family needs a housekeeperYou can place an ad in the newspaper of the plan: "housekeeper in Moscow."

After the announcement will be published, you can expect a flurry of phone calls and resume by e-mail, and then it will be necessary to have a conversation with a huge number of applicants.

However, even if at first glance, you have decided on a nominee, you should definitely check out who the next of kin of the person.Quite often as a result of cases of self-employment in the theft occurred through the fault of the house maids.

Perhaps for this and other reasons, fewer and fewer people to seek recourse through the housekeepers ads.Yes, and judge for yourself, is hardly qualified housekeeper will look for a job, looking through private ads.

greater the likelihood that it will cooperate with a specialized recruitment agency.After housekeeper in Moscow, is not a luxury but a necessity!

As research officer recommendation, though this option provides some assurance of reliability housekeeper, but would still worth thinking about the fact that the employee may recommend to strangers just to get rid of it.

That is why the best solution is a selection of maids visited a recruitment agency that can help you find a housekeeper.Competent specialists with a large database, a lot of options for selecting qualified personnel in your home.Through careful selection of candidates, the agency takes care of your safety, and works only with trusted individuals.

Arriving at the first meeting with the candidate for the position and conduct interviews, do not forget that you and the employee must be psychologically comfortable, as a good impression is important factor in communication.

If you decide to start cooperation, please remember that in front of you is not just the person to whom you pay salary, and that, without whose services you are really at the moment can not do.When the nominee has to be approved and you sign a contract, the first thing you need to do is to familiarize the employee with all the rules and regulations of the regime of the day in the family.