Little Kitchen: Saving Tips

Perhaps many wonder how to make a small kitchen and visually, and actually more spacious.To do this, of course, not easy, but with some effort, it is still possible to turn yourself close small-sized kitchen in convenient and comfortable to create the next culinary masterpiece.To the kitchen was visually more necessary to expand the space ways:

First, you need to find a rational and comfortable layout.Planning - is the first thing you should pay attention.For small rooms is perfectly suited angular or L-shaped layout.In the corner you can easily arrange most of all kitchen utensils.It will look good sink, and that the area is wasted, it can be placed under the angular storage.

Second, get rid of all the excess.To the room did not look overloaded, do not clutter it with unnecessary trivia and excess furniture.Purchase should be only the most necessary items, it is better to give up things that you almost do not use.It is necessary to pay attention to the appliances, which performs several functions.T

hus, the current models of microwave ovens often combine the functions of steamers and ovens.It is important to leave a free space near the door, even if it is opened to the outside.Care should be taken to use the free space in the corners and around the windows.

Third, as much as possible items to hang on the wall.Very often, the system helps to save space railings.As a rule, they are mounted over the sink or on the countertop.On the shelves and hooks can be placed pans, spatulas, ladles, jars of loose products and spices.

Fourth, the use of transformers.Owning a small kitchen should also look at all kinds of transformers.A good solution would be a table with a sliding tabletop or folding wings.In addition, the folding chairs can help out.

Fifth, "to reduce the" depth of the furniture.It is necessary to give preference to a more compact floor-standing enclosures, the depth of which is at 60 and 40 centimeters.But this method is only good if it comes to cabinets without integrated technology.So how to find the oven or dishwasher precarious depth is difficult.

All these solutions will help increase the real space in the kitchen, but it was not quite enough.To the room seemed more spacious, it is important to take care of visual techniques.The most popular of them:

1. Finish light tones.The owners of small kitchens should forget about the dark and saturated colors.To visually enlarge the space should be used for the walls, floor and ceiling of pastel tones.This rule also applies to furniture.

2. Use smooth surfaces.For small kitchen is better to use furniture with smooth facades, architectural excesses to be avoided (massive cornices, pilasters, curved caps), because such elements are "pressured" to people who are in a similar situation, and visually narrow space.

3. Good lighting.Do not skimp on coverage.The more light will be in the kitchen, the cozy and spacious kitchen will look.

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