Choosing a dishwasher Foster

This article focuses on the dishwasher.And build an article in such a way that, in describing a particular model of the Italian brand dishwashers Foster, will provide an overview of the most important information about all dishwashers.So, we study the dishwasher Foster 2910 000 (the address where you can personally see or buy, will be listed at the end of the article).

1. Built-in model with dimensions of 60 * 55 * 85 cm. Dishwasher, like other major kitchen appliances, can be built-in or freestanding.With regard to size, then there are 3 types of machines - full-size (60 * 60 * 85 cm, capacity of 12-14 sets of dishes), narrow (60 * 45 * 85 cm, up to 9 place settings), compact (45 * 55 * 45 cmup to 5 sets of dishes).

2. Have 7 modes wash: Intensive (heavily soiled dishes at 70 ° C) and normal (at 65 ° C), delicate (fragile or lightly soiled dishes at 45 ° C) and automatic (the most efficient use of equipmentto the loading and energy consumption), bio (optimal use of the detergent, energy and time,

at 50 ° C) and quick (cleaning and drying for 30 min., under partial load), as well as with soaking (heavily soiled with dried-on residues tableware).Minimum list of programs is rapid, sensitive (normal), intense and soaking.Depending on the class of the machine can vary considerably and a set of existing programs of work.

3. Energy Saving Class AAA (classification from A to G, the higher the grade, the lower the power consumption), the total power consumption: 2000-2150 W, when heating water: 1900 watts.

4. The noise level of 32 dB A. For the various categories of dishwashers noise varies from 49-55 (average) to 32-48 (low noise), with more than 55 dBA noise level is high, but the latest generation of dishwashers do not reach this level.

5. Control - Intelligent electronic sensor panel.In addition to the electronic version, which provides more convenience and opportunities management can be with electromechanical keys or the power button on \ off, and regulators of additional features and select wash programs.

6. Programmable delay of 1 to 12 hours.Postponement, which starts the process of cleaning the set time can be within 24 hours.Thus, the dishwasher can be operated even at night, with a more favorable rate of payment for electricity.

7. Components pollution control system (with intense, delicate, normal washing) allows you to adjust the equipment to the level of contamination of utensils, thus achieving savings of both water and detergent and electricity.

8. Absolute security dishwasher Foster provided by various security systems (overfill protection and leakage), which are included in the event of water leaks or unmarked equipment.Perhaps it is useful to recall that a must for any dishwasher is certainly strict observance of the rules of installation and operation.To protect against electric shock devices are automatically de-energizing the machine if the door is opened during operation.Blocking locks on the door did not allow children to open it and injure hot water or steam.

9. Indicators runtime washing and the use of conditioners simplify the daily operation of the dishwasher.Since the quality dishwashing depends, inter alia, also on the water hardness, the machine may have indicators Salt water softener and determining the level of stringency.10. Other seemingly little things - the ability to adjust the height of the baskets for the dishes, the presence of cup holders, etc. - can adapt the machine to the needs of a particular family, and make the process of washing dishes a pleasure.

And now touch on some general points that are very important when buying a dishwasher.

  • primary stage - connection and installation - trust experts.
  • Connect permitted to cold water (preferred), heated perform machine or hot water (risky, because the water in the pipes may have a temperature above the permissible norms that negatively affect the car, in addition, in the season off hot water machine will beidle, have to wash the dishes by hand).
  • washing process is in fact of washing, rinsing and drying dishes.Therefore, in order to avoid overspending of water, detergent and electricity select the appropriate mode depending on the degree of contamination, completeness download, type of dishes.
  • apply special salt and permissible cleaning agents.Promptly replace or clean the filter, clean the chamber of the dishwasher.

If all the recommendations and instructions to the specific dishwasher it does not only get rid of the hated for the daily work of washing the dishes, but also save a lot of time, and due to a significant reduction of water consumption - and ultimately money.

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