Choosing a juicer

The benefits of juice for the first time, we are beginning to hear more before we can do something to say.Respect for this drink is almost inherent in our mother's milk.In this heavily laden with boxes of juice shelves of supermarkets rarely attract the attention of those who expect from this product particularly useful.

Followers of healthy way of life do not believe in natural fluids under the package.And they have something right.It really fresh juices can not be stored for a long time.That is why the selection of the juicer, anyway, will be an important issue for a sane person.And choose in fact there is nothing.The sale can be found by simple mechanical modifications to the vast number of electric juicers from different manufacturers.

simplest Juicer - Manual, is intended only for citrus: lemons, grapefruit, oranges.At first glance, it does not even understand why this juicer.Selecting it, however, it is useful for the household.Yes, this purchase will not close the issue further search juicer

s because its performance is negligible, but stand around it will not be.Quite often it is necessary to squeeze out, say, one lemon.In this case, it is this juicer is the most appropriate.The process takes about three minutes, including washing the instrument after juicing.Among these mechanisms are particularly popular Nitara from Vitesse, as well as from Exclisive Tescoma (ie for oranges and lemons separately).Beauty and reliability different citrus juicer from the Belgian manufacturer BergHOFF.

If you have to deal with large amounts of juicing citrus fruits, the best solution would be to consider the household juicer with an electric drive.Suffice cheapest option is a mechanism Kenwood JE270.Slightly higher cost devices from the Philips and Moulinex.On average, citrus press, even electric, purchase - not a luxury.

Now the universal juicer.As the name suggests, they are designed to extract juice from vegetables and fruit.For example, Tefal ZN350 or Braun J700, and BORK S511 and many others.The principle of operation of these juicers more complicated.First, the product must crush, and then fall into the separator where the dewatering process occur juice.Thus the juice is fed separately from the pulp.Choosing a juicer will concern efficiency.It is important to know that the separator can be conical or cylindrical.Efficiency conical Juicer comes to seventy percent, and cylindrical - up to ninety-five.At this stage, you should not make premature conclusions.Yes, the efficiency of the conical centrifuges below.However, there is an option to automatically clean the cage from the pulp.And to disassemble the unit whenever there will be a need to clean the separator - is not necessary.

Choice juicer manufacturer is also relatively not so obvious.Domestic juicers are not very beautiful design, and the engine of their incredibly noisy.However, if you have to recycle large amounts of juice (such as preparations for the winter), it is better not to find a home juicer.This apparatus may be "Axion", "Antonovka" or Ellis.At that time, as a foreign manufacturer makes perfect juicer for everyday use, which do not stand our production volumes in preparation for winter.

So to make the right choice juicer, you must determine your needs.If your intention is a regular intake of vitamin C, and you are a fan of active lifestyle and your name - virtually synonymous with the word "movement", it is wise to choose the electric citrus juicer.It will be enough to make every day to please yourself a glass of orange juice.

If your taste variety, and you want something exotic tropical fruits, just the classic carrot juice, but occasionally you decide to experiment, and you are important to combine the beneficial effect with pleasant sensations - without universal juicer you can not do.