Built-in equipment or Normal?

recently become a great demand built-in kitchen appliances.Let's try to understand - why?

1. Stove or built-in oven and hob.

Undoubtedly, the most popular are built in hobs and ovens.Together, they have the same functionality as the classic stove.But there are some differences.You can try to identify them yourself, but you can on the basis of others' advice and error.For a little help in this matter, we wrote this article.

When writing it, we tried to show everything as easy and familiar: a specially selected picture, which shows the most simple food, no frills and expensive design refinements.This headset can be in any of our kitchen, so photos taken are accustomed to from a practical point of view.

It looks like an ordinary stove in the kitchen:

As you can see, it immediately stands out from the total number of floor cabinets.Make a single countertop will not happen.This plate often has a width of 50 cm, which is a plus next to a standard size of the cabinet under the built-in oven 60 cm. Now

compare with the built-in appliances:

Immediately noticeable that the technique of striking much less.Moreover, not only due to the fact that the first plate white pictures, but here not.Just do not split the surface countertops and bottom headset, so look slips for them, not clinging to some projections and gaps.By default, this set covers wide (with cabinet) 60 centimeters.At 10 centimeters more for a more pleasant appearance.It is the standard for the vast majority of the oven.

If these 10 centimeters critical for you to fight for every inch of a modest-sized kitchen, you may want to give up the oven.Or even to put it all.By the way, you can save space will be written in our other article.

Returning to the incorporation: on the second picture on the right bottom noticeable niche with fixed microwave.It stands out from the background, causing the eyes to catch hold of it.Can an experiment to close something that part of the image and appreciate the form without it.

Another advantage of the built-in technology (the same oven) is a flat design.The front panel comes flush with the kitchen fronts, while the normal plate bottom part can be slightly recessed.Incidentally, in the space underneath the oven is often installed drawer in which you can store pans and a few other items.

Besides the flat front panel, the appearance is usually concise and simple that does not strain sight.

But consider the pros and ordinary plates.The smaller width.Lower cost.Typically 1.5 times.Easy maintenance: advanced, disabled-connected (which is often), does not require a special cabinet in which it is necessary to install.

general, will not torment you further letter and try to summarize:

Plain plate:

+ price

+ size (50 cm in width versus 60)

+ does not require complicated installation

+ is not necessaryAdditional furniture

- not so attractive in terms of appearance

- debris can clog for her and sides


+ ability to use only the hob or oven

+ oven can be set separately, egin high pencil

+ looks nicer

+ trash will not clog between the plate and the adjacent cabinets or behind

+ the opportunity to win just 30 cm countertop, putting surface with a pair of burners

+ does not require such care, as a simple plate -Debris nowhere to hide

- price set above

- connection (in the case of the gas versions) 2 times more expensive

- need special furniture to embed

This finish of the plates and move on to the point:

2. Hood: Built-inor not?

There are many different types of hoods: recessed dome, mod, standard, classic, premium, island, corner, etc.etc.For all these types will be discussed in other articles, here we consider only unit built on or not.As always, for clarity, immediately to the pictures:

on our site has an article "Integrated hood - what is it?", So just briefly respond.But first picture competitor

And just to compare:

hood Built:

+ price

+ minimum dimensions

+ technology stealth :)

- minimum functional (although the function is implemented on the hood 100%)

Hood of another type:

+ is an interesting design element kitchen

+ rich functionality (all kinds of clever features, control panels, etc.)

+ performance

- price

- dimensions

most popularmodel in Russia Krona Kamilla

Another view, close to the embedded are standard hoods:

dealt with hoods, move on to paragraph (BUILT-IN):

3. Dishwasher: build or leave the parade?

Here, everything is much simpler: usually, dishwashers do not differ significantly in terms of size.If, for example, it is easy enough to install the stove in the middle of the kitchen (to make the island), only supplied with electricity at the stage of repairs to bring the water would no longer be so easy.If you have not provided any particular niche to set the dishwasher, it will be an element of kitchen units.You can look similar to the plate in paragraph 1, as it may look.If the kitchen is not the same as the color of the front panel of the machine (which is most of the time), then the latter will be strongly stand out.On the door is embedded installed facade and it becomes completely invisible:


Plain Dishwasher:

+ price

+ availability of management at any time

+ does not require special furniture to install

+ noticeable

Integrated dishwasher:

+ completely invisible

+ cabinet for built-in appliances is further (albeit quite a droplet) dampen noise of operating device

- price

- control is available only when the cover is open

popular built-in appliances.Famous brands: Krona, Fornelli, Shindo, Flavia