Save space in the kitchen: the battle for every inch.

Save space in the kitchen

It often happens that our quite natural desire does not correspond to our possibilities.For example, everyone wants to live in a spacious home, and even better - in his small house in the countryside.But it often happens that the place is not enough and we have to get out who may like.One of the places where we often have to be at the same time, strangely enough, one of the most crowded in the apartment is the kitchen.To some it may seem cramped area of ​​12 m2, but often have to face that place in the area for the cooking of some 4-6 squares!And here begins the fight for every centimeter of space.The course is everything - the narrow kitchen cabinets, a minimum of furniture, folding tables and pull-out ... In this article we will tell how you can win a few precious centimeters using the compact appliances.

1. Hob.

Hardly any kitchen can do without the plate.Most of us prefer to use heat-treated is food and we do it with the help of the plate.Conventional plate takes 5

0-60 cm in width.A place on the table is strictly limited.Therefore, you can install a compact 1-2-3 on the hob burners.Trёhkonforochnye options typically take 45 cm and 1-2 have a width of only 30 cm!This allows us to win up to 30 cm space on the desktop (which is half of the kitchen cupboard).In this case you, if you do not cook often and in large quantities, will not lose anything, because such a smaller machine has the same features as the full-size brethren.

Couples burners is enough for most cases.

2. Oven.

If you do not like to cook, you can go on a serious measure and reject the oven.If such a solution is unacceptable, you need to install the oven.The standard width of it - 60 cm, which is slightly more narrow plate.But it is possible to find a more narrow embodiments, for example, a width of 45 cm (with a kitchen cabinet in which it is embedded).

In this round, we won by 15 cm space (1 butylochnitsu or larger kitchen module, such as the desktop, which is not enough!).

3. Hood.

Probably not less popular kitchen appliances, a hood.In the case of her differences with the installation or not is immaterial.The most compact of the range hoods are built.Quite a bit different from their standard hoods.Both will protrude slightly under half a kitchen element, but taking up a lot of space.If you install in a hood carbon filters, it is possible to do without eating up a lot of space pipe discharging air into the ventilation shaft.However, the filters do not last forever - you will have to periodically acquire new.For more information about embedded extracts we wrote in the article "Integrated hood: what is it?".

If you install the device in detail, it will take about a third attachment element height of 70 cm. If you install the pipe, the outlet air in the locker remains little space.However.It can and does refuse such a device.

most popular model in Russia hood Krona Kamilla

4. Dishwasher.

Few of us likes to wash dishes.But from this consumer need can not escape.Release from such routine may dishwasher.However, the question immediately arises: when the desire to save space leads to a struggle for every 5-10 cm, if the installation does not negate the dishwasher all the results achieved?Of course, it would be desirable to have this kind of technology at home.But the area does not allow to install another one ... Do not rush to give up!The decision is also in this case: You can install a compact dishwasher for 6 sets.

It does not take up much space - just a little more than half of the kitchen table (44 cm high).This will be quite invisible, hidden behind the façade, put on her door.The truth is it takes a width of 55 cm. If this is critical, you can take an ordinary dishwasher width 45 cm. At this point we have not won extra centimeters, but.might have been able to place in the kitchen one more unit of useful technology.

5. Refrigerator.

You might wonder why we've been dragged to the lighting of the marker inhabitant cuisine dispense with who have not received at all.We decided that despite its outstanding in all aspects of size, this element is required in any kitchen, so a little bit put off its lights.Refrigerator often takes all the space up to the ceiling.The width of even the smallest refrigerator is not much different from 60 cm, so we have to put up with this figure.Depth - the same.The only parameter that we can reduce - height.But here we can choose within a wide range, from very tiny cold rooms up to two-meter husky.The volume of the cameras you can estimate based on your current experience.Maybe you need only single-chamber version, does not provide for the freezer.If you decide to install a compact refrigerator, you can supplement it on top of another kitchen cabinet.And you can arrange embedded solution when your fridge neatly located in high cupboards, retaining its width of 60 cm!

6. Microwave.

One of the most popular elements of the kitchen is a microwave oven.Although it is designed for cooking, but the vast majority of people are using it for one simple function - quick warm meal.Much less frequently it is used for defrosting food.Given the above, it is safe not to pursue additional functionality such as grills, convection and others - most likely these features will be tested a couple of times out of curiosity, and then the unit will continue to warm up to you a lunch.Many people buy a microwave despite the modest dimensions of the kitchen.To save space in this case may be taking a small amount microwave.For example, 17 liters.That it does not take up space on the table, it can be hung on the bracket directly under the overhead lockers.Or use the integrated solution.By the way, there are ovens that are in addition to the basic functions - function microwave.

7. Washing machine.

Perhaps the washing machine is not really related to kitchen appliances, but sometimes it happens that in the bathroom of her post is not obtained.Water except the last, there is only the kitchen, which leads to the installation of the washing machine in the kitchen.And here, most likely, embedded options will not let us win the space: they have a size of about 60 * 60 * 85, that is occupied by an entire space under the sink.Installing such a device you will most likely be that it is neatly hidden behind the facade of the kitchen.Or in the case of redevelopment or complexity of the water supply.To save space, you can also set the washing machine narrow width of only 30 cm!You can further save space by taking the unit with vertical load and then it will fit in very small corner!Save space in the kitchen is obvious ..

We considered another very interesting and unusual way to save space and money.On it will be discussed in our next article.See you soon!