Choose a kitchen hood - What is important to know

Hoods for the kitchen ceased to be something special, so to speak, and moved into the category of necessary equipment for any kitchen - large or small area, classic or modern style.And this is due not imitation fashion.Just everything is so fast and strong changes - you kitchen interior decoration materials and food, and the small built-in kitchen equipment, proper attitude to food and to the process of cooking, and most importantly - to their own health.

A concern for the safety of property and health, of course, requires a fresh and clean air as in the whole apartment, and in the kitchen.It was in the kitchen the air we breathe at home and replenished soot and smoke, grease and steam, which are deposited on kitchen walls, accessories, furniture and annoying smells are spread throughout the apartment, nerviruya family and guests.

It is clear that the problem at the big kitchen hood, because the approach to its acquisition must be serious.What should I look for when choosing a kitchen hood in order

to achieve maximum benefit and comfort?Review these factors and in an article.First we need to determine the size and the exact volume of the room the kitchen to pick up the optimum suction power.With a maximum capacity of air in the room will be cleaned very quickly, but the level of noise at work drawing will be palpable.We should find a suitable option for themselves - a middle ground.

Further, since the cooker hoods are of two types (modes) of work - circulation and / or venting - find out the characteristics of each of them and choose the appropriate one.In the discharge air is sucked out of the room and is available for the boundaries of the room - outside or in the ventilation shaft.When installing a hood, please note that you will need the installation of the duct (chimney) or wall unit.

in recirculation mode selected from the room passes through filters - lipophagic and active carbon - and already peeled returned to the kitchen.By way of mounting hoods divided into 3 groups."Flat" hood - they are mounted above the cooking surface on the wall, under a suspended cupboard, if it is, or not.The next group - built drawing.They are mounted in a hanging kitchen cupboard, so that is only visible control panel.The largest group - fireplace (or dome) hoods.When mounted on the wall or the ceiling, they have a variety of shapes and sizes, designs and colors, and patterns - wall, island, corner options.

When selecting hoods for the kitchen should pay attention to the way of management - A slider or button, or feather-touch and the location of the control panel.It is important how the device is convenient to use and care for them, including for the control panel.The same applies to the lighting system, which is equipped with cooker hoods.Variants of using incandescent bulbs - fluorescent light or normal - or halogen lamps.Hoods with incandescent lamps have a lower price, but halogen lamps more economical in terms of electricity consumption.

course, set the cooker hood will be an expert, but some aspects of good to know and master.Operational efficiency kitchen hood is significantly dependent on the air, namely its diameter (the most practical - 120 mm, it is not necessary to artificially reduce) the length and the number of twists and turns, of which there should be as little as possible.

With regard to recommendations for the care of extracts, they are filters.Grease filters are disposable synthetic materials and then they must be replaced periodically.In most cases these filters are made of aluminum.Filters from aluminum sheets must be cleaned or washed, allowed in the dishwasher.Activated carbon filters are single use only and, depending on the frequency of use of the hood, they need time to change.

're also discuss additional features and latest technological solutions applied on different models of household range hoods for the kitchen.Clearly, the presence of such functionality is reflected in the price of the device.Here are some of them:

• changes in light intensity, including the entire kitchen;

• radio control of the cooking surface;

• Recognition evaporation to automatically turn on the hood;

• electronic indicator determine when cleaning or replacing the filter;

• sensor for automatically determining the degree of ventilation, depending on the condition of the air in the kitchen;

• two fans equipment increases power while reducing the noise level;

• air ionization system cleans the air from dust and neutralizes electrostatic field on the subjects.Here's a

get an overview of the most important information on the extractor hood.To this is added the presence of a variety of options of style and design, in order to be able to enter the hood to any kitchen - from the smallest to the most impressive - and in an arbitrary interior.Options for high-quality production of hoods for the kitchen of famous European brands are represented, for example, in the online shop of kitchen sinks, accessories, equipment and kitchen appliances Atlant-Yu