Kitchen lighting - an important stage in its design

When planning the design of the premises must take into account the lighting, in fact it can make the interior a perfectly comfortable or uncomfortable challenging.Quite often there are problems with lighting in small rooms, for example, in the bathroom and the kitchen.How should it be - the right lighting in the kitchen?

cuisine features is that it is often the room is small, but quite a multifunctional: it is often due to lack of dining room it is used not only for cooking but also as a dining room.Not uncommon and reception at the kitchen table.Therefore, lighting the kitchen should be to think, considering all these factors.

It is advisable to plan the lighting for the kitchen at the start of the repair after it is defined and thought out design furniture arrangement.Once it was not a problem - in the middle of the ceiling hung a chandelier - all!But it is for the kitchen forms the shadow of the vertical coverage - not the best choice.The ideal option is now considered to be the lighting of eac

h functional area separate kitchen.Therefore, the most efficient to combine different types of lighting: general, local and ornamental.

General lighting kitchen designed to optimally support the level of illumination throughout the room in the evening.This type of lighting is better to make a bright, but soft enough without harsh shadows and any light contrasts.General lighting should be evenly scattered all over the kitchen.It is desirable to make the most natural, it is not recommended to use colored lights.Give preference to advise fluorescent lamps.Also, the source can be a chandelier or ceiling built-in lights.

Note that ambient light does not replace the lighting of functional areas.It is important that a dining area and cooking area were equipped with individual lamps.If there are hanging lockers, the best local coverage beneath them.Such light will illuminate all the good work surface and is not clearly hit in the eye.It is also convenient to use elongated lamp when the light is evenly distributed across the working surface.For kitchens, where there is no hanging lockers, are perfect for stand-alone fixtures.

Above the dining table can hang with 1 or 2 lamps, fixed about 1 meter above the level of the existing countertop.In the case where the dining table is in the center of the room, while being clear focus, as a local light source, you can use a high desk lamp or chandelier, located directly above the table.Kitchen lighting is more intimate, if the lamp will hang as low as possible.

For lighting tabletops important directional direct the flow of light, so it is best if ceiling or a lampshade chandelier or lamp will be open only from below.Too powerful lamps are not needed: bright color will create sharp shadows that distort objects and ugly faces.Light circle should capture all the countertop, that it had no shade and the boundaries of light.

way, in a very large or, conversely, very small kitchen can be one local coverage.In these cases, the general kitchen lighting is not required.

Decorative lighting planned kitchen to taste hosts.A very interesting feature may be lockers with translucent doors, lit from within.The main thing - this coverage should be in harmony with the rest.You can use dimmers to control the atmosphere in the kitchen, and the intensity of the backlight.

Kitchen lighting have to be balanced and harmonious.In planning it, we must start from the kitchen interior, as a universal scheme to highlight not: in each of the kitchens is sure everything will look unique.