Sterilizing jars in the microwave: description, advantages and disadvantages

Sterilization dishes widespread in seasonal work, when with gardens and orchards harvest and make preparations for the winter.Preserving foods in glass jars, but before it should be mandatory to sterilize utensils.Not so long ago, a new method - sterilized jars in the microwave, and which is used by many modern housewife.This method simplifies the preparation for canning and will save time in the preparation of blanks.

Sterilization - a process that helps with steam to get rid of a variety of microbes, which create an environment spoiling canned foods.The number of microorganisms include fungi and shivering.Heat promotes the destruction of many microorganisms.

As a rule, begin to make seasonal harvesting in late summer - early autumn.It has long passed the time on the shelves there was nothing but the hostess always prepared canned.Each family has its secrets of which she cherishes.Therefore, sterilization of jars for canning is very important housekeeping.

first step is to prepare the banks.To do

this, selected container without cracking, chipping and scratching.Why is it important to check the bank?The process of pasteurization in the beginning can go well, but when the products have to be put in the bank, after a while they can go bad.This will lead to unplanned costs.It is therefore important to use only whole banks and check them carefully before using.After checking the packaging carefully cleaned.

Sterilizing jars in the microwave, as has been said - a new stage in the creation of pasteurized products.But, nevertheless, steam or water pasteurization is still relevant in the household.For example, it is impossible to sterilize three-liter jars in the microwave: it simply does not fit in the device.

convenience of this method lies in its simple and original technology.On the walls of the cans in the sterilization process does not appear sedimentary lime scale.This contributes to a dry heating method.And it is this method and convenient!Use this method, for the sterilization in the microwave greatly simplifies the preparation of home-canned.

What is the process of sterilization?To begin to prepare the banks.This means that they need to wash, dry and check for defects.Then put the jar in the microwave and set the required parameters.The advantage of this method is to get rid of fumes and odors in the kitchen.Stuffy room can briefly leave, including a microwave.The procedure takes 15 minutes.

Do not forget that is used not only sterilizing jars in the microwave, but the steam method, which also takes place in the microwave.For this purpose, the device is filled with a little water.By the time the heating process takes place within the same 15 minutes, but the bank will be moist, not dry.

Using a microwave oven has negative points.The main - is, of course, the size of the stove.You can put only small banks.About three-liter, you can forget it!We'll have to use the classic steam method with an ordinary kettle.The second disadvantage - the high energy consumption that far exceeds the money consumption of natural gas.Are you willing to pay extra money for it?

Sterilizing jars in the microwave - a convenient process that does not detract you from day to day affairs.They are easy to use when there is a small container processing.Put in the oven, we turned and went about their business!