Ceramic tiles under the tree for the kitchen

Today ceramic tiles under the tree - it is a very fashionable material, which is considered a perfect finish.This tile is environmentally friendly product, sufficiently stable to moisture, fire, extreme temperatures and household chemicals.This flooring does not require special care.Tile can mimic wood flooring, laminate flooring and aged board.As part of a collection is usually made wood tiles of different sizes and colors.They can be interesting to combine with each other, resulting in a variety of options are obtained stacking.Thanks to this combination, the floor will be incredibly beautiful.

Ceramic tile wood has a broad scope.It is widely used not only in apartments and houses, but also in places with high traffic: restaurants, bars, offices, shops.However, it is best to look in the kitchen.

Ceramic tile wood: colors and texture

In appearance, ceramic tile, wood imitating virtually indistinguishable from real wood.It will look great in any kitchen style, whether it is a strict classical, co

ntradictory eclectic, cozy country or sleek hi-tech.These tiles will fit into the interior of the studio apartments.In the kitchen area you can use practical ceramics, and in the living room to use parquet or laminate.

big advantage of floor tiles, imitating the wooden floor, is that it can be almost any color.In this it differs from natural wood.However, the most popular are still the natural color of tiles: various shades of black, beige and brown.Very elegant look products made in the red-brown, orange-golden color.

In addition, floor tiles wood always impressive richness of its texture.It can simulate even the most expensive and exotic woods like rosewood, wenge, teak and mahogany.So you can add the interior of respectability and luxury, without spending money on expensive flooring.Recently, high demand tiles decorated with a pine, ash, oak, birch.

looks quite interesting ceramic tiles, the surface of which simulates made old wood.It is best to use it in the kitchen in country style.Imitation pits and cracks, worn surface - all this creates the atmosphere of an old house.Also, this tile can be used not only for decorating floor, but also some parts of the walls.In this case, the material will resemble natural wood panels and contribute to the creation of comfort and convenience.

It should be noted that the surface of porcelain are also quite often mimic wood.This is a fairly dense material that is well suited for floors in the kitchen.Because it often produce the so-called ceramic flooring that is resistant to various damages.

must know that ceramic tile is much stronger than wood.It does not absorb moisture and virtually no wear over the years.Thus, this material replaces the wooden floor, but has its own distinctive characteristics.Attractive appearance, hardness, wear resistance, cold resistance and ease of use have made ceramic tiles wood wonderful article for registration of all types of surfaces.Today, each plant for finishing materials is committed to produce ceramic tiles under the tree.