The original curtains for the kitchen - with their hands!

Kitchen - is a place in the house where the family often going in order to not only eat, but also to communicate.Somehow, it has a kitchen especially for intimate conversations, and if it has, moreover, comfortable ... and comfort to any room can make the most ordinary curtains.And not necessarily for sewing curtains chic appeal to the specialized salons because they can make their own.Of course, this can be done, provided you have a sewing machine and a little imagination, because to sew curtains for the kitchen with your own hands can be of anything, and not necessarily at the same time have skills seamstress.

For example, more and more popular today acquire new kitchen curtains on the floor window.They cover the lower part of the window from view, but do not prevent the penetration of light through the top of the sun.And to make such drapes cuisine with his own hands can be of conventional cotton or linen towels.Get them to a thin ledge with a circular bar in length width of the window, and attach

it at the right level based on the length of your future curtains that barely have to touch the sill.Since the towels are already treated edge, you only need to make the top and tuck it to the edge of the entire width so that the bracket cornice pass freely through the resulting hole (kuliske), baste, and then prostrochite ordinary straight stitch.As decoration, you can use buttons or other accessories that you seem appropriate style.Do so, two curtain and pass them through the cornice.

And curtains for the kitchen with his hands, you can make out of chiffon or silk scarves or artificial scarves.If you have overlooked a scarf that you do not wear, and if he has enough big sizes, for example, 0,5h2 or 2.5 meters, from it you can easily make a kind of decorative pelmet.You just need to measure the width of the window and attach to scarf two hooks on the same (a little more better, at least 5 cm on each side) away from each other.That is, add the scarf in half and half by the middle of the Measure the window width plus 5 cm and sew to the hook.Do the same with the second half of the future curtains.When you hang a curtain on the sides are nice to hang the remaining free end of the handkerchief.

course to make it more difficult for the kitchen curtains with his hands, the patterns have to look for, but if they are strictly followed, it would appear that there is nothing complicated in them.Therefore, to decorate a whole house favorite is just a pleasure.For patterns can be useful remnants of old wallpaper that will surely lie somewhere, rolled into a roll, and look forward to his "finest hour", though it was not on purpose.You can also use old newspapers, or simply buy a roll of newsprint, designed specifically for patterns.Surely this paper is in the stores selling all kinds of accessories for sewing and other crafts.

If you want to sew long curtains for the kitchen with his hands, so much so that they went to the beautiful folds, you'll have to buy cloth for this purpose.Calculate the number of its snap.The web width should be equal to the length of the cornice, multiplied by a factor of 2 or 2.5 (the higher the ratio, the more wrinkles you get, but it's better not to get involved, K2 will be enough).Also add 5cm to the processing of edges.The length of the curtain count, starting from the eaves, and finishing the floor, skirting or any place to which you want to extract the shutter.Also add a few centimeters to machining allowances.For filing will be enough 5cm bottom and top of filing depends on the manner in which the curtain is attached to the eaves.If this is a common band with eyelets, the width must be tucked edge 1cm shorter than her (tape should completely hide the edge of the curtain from the inside).Also, the curtains for the kitchen with his hands can be mounted on the grommet, hinged, with ties, and so on kuliskeIf your imagination has no limits, you're sure to be able to invent their own, exclusive curtains.