Refrigerators Atlant XM - Good Choice

Atlant refrigerators are well-deserved respect of the consumer in the vast former Soviet Union.Primarily due to a variety of high-quality workmanship and reasonable price among similar products.A separate line of products, most popular and mass-produced, this refrigerator Atlant XM.Most of the articles in this series is a modification of the previously vypuskavschihsya MXM models, with upgraded and improved technical characteristics and consumer properties.The improvements relate to upgrade the energy efficiency of refrigerators, reduce noise, increase the useful volume of the chamber.

primarily from the range of products can be distinguished standard refrigerators Hmm, this model XM-6021 ... XM-6026, built on the same pattern and differ in the different volumes of the refrigerator and freezer.Capacity refrigerators of this series is large enough volume of the refrigerator XM-6025 about 400 liters at the height of 2,05m.All products are made of two-compressor circuit with natural circulation of air in

side the camera, which creates in the refrigerator compartment separate zones with different temperatures and allows you to store a variety of products together.Thanks to automatic defrost drip system is kept within the required product humidity, unlike for example, from refrigerators to the system No-Frost, in which constant air circulation quickly dries foods and therefore require thorough their packaging.

attracts attention as a new series of refrigerators Atlant with increased width - model XM-6221 and XM-6224, this option is now 69,5sm 59,5sm against that of standard models.This significantly increased the useful volume of the cameras while maintaining the A-class energoeffetivnosti .. A distinctive feature - a refrigerator Atlant XM can operate in a wider temperature range than its predecessors - from +10 to +36 degrees C, and has a low levelNoise due to the use of high-quality imported compressors.Of course, the kitchen is a small-sized product is unlikely to fit, but in the modern and spacious new homes refrigerators Atlant find and take their place of honor.

network of service centers for repair and maintenance products Atlanta widely developed and will not leave you alone in the event that a problem.In short, refrigerators Atlant XM - a good choice for your home!