Countertops made of artificial acrylic stone

In fact, having studied all the details of the acrylic stone, or rather product of acrylic stone is not only the countertop, but also sinks and window sills, it becomes clear why this material is becoming increasingly popular among consumers.

direct competitor acrylic stone is natural stone.And, accordingly, products made of acrylic stone in the number and price, often compared with products made of natural stone.

Thus, countertops made of artificial acrylic stone, are in a different price category, and on another level, whether in competition with tops made of natural stone.A table top of chipboard, plastic and wood - this is your level, and compete with each other such products.With that understood, now more.

Choosing countertop acrylic stone , you get a stunningly beautiful product, comparable to the monumental marble, granite, quartz, while having a number of advantages over them:

Firstly, Countertops made of artificial stone warmerthe touch than the original and has a smooth, level s


Secondly, acrylic countertop easily restored in case of damage - due to its composition (acrylic resin, mineral fillers, pigments) products acrylic stone, and in particular, countertops are made of various shapes and without seams, but the countertop of natural stoneit is not possible to repair on the spot;

Thirdly, countertops are very practical - they are not only resistant to chipping and easily retrievable, but do not react to changes in temperature, which is so important for the operation of the kitchen;

Fourth, as mentioned above, countertops made of artificial acrylic stone can be any shape and size, as they are made without seams, and a very important aesthetic component of the issue as the fact that the palette of colors andshades of acrylic tops - is enormous;

Fifth, (the most important thing, in my opinion, saved up at the end), it's the fact that these countertops are not afraid of water, and they do not live bacteria.Speaking of household cleaners and detergents, and such "aggressive" domestic reagents as a bite or a drink - they are also quite afraid of countertops made of acrylic stone, can not be said about natural stone.

As a conclusion, I can say - my choice - is obvious.All the positive characteristics of acrylic tops - for me to become the main argument.Hopefully, the next repairs are made of acrylic stone sills entire bathroom.Be sure to write about the result!