Decorated kitchen with his hands - start your morning with a smile

In what room apartment family spends the most time?Of course, in the kitchen.That it becomes a center of attraction for every member of the family and the place of get-togethers with friends.That is why special attention should be paid to a pleasant trifle.Decorated kitchen with their own hands will bring a lot of positive emotions and allow to receive energy boost in the morning.Production of various decorations for the room will allow you to show the artistic taste.

How to decorate the kitchen with his hands?Options give this room a lot of personality.Let's start with the wall design.If your original trim was made of plain tiles, that is an easy way to quickly and inexpensively transform it.This will require a self-adhesive film fun colors.Make a stencil shape repeats tile.Cut a few details of the film, using a stencil and pasting them in a random order.We make any drawing or doing color accents on the wall.Transformed kitchen with their own hands with the help of the film will require an hour of yo

ur time, but the result will exceed all expectations.

finished walls, go to the window trim.Curtains should be selected air and light shades.This simple trick will create the feeling of a large open space.Use the same color as on the decorative film.An excellent option is the window decoration decorative silicone stickers in the form of butterflies and flowers.Several colors, pasted on the glass window, and a couple of butterflies on its surface, through which the rays of the sun - and your screen will sparkle with colorful paints.

If your children are present, be sure to involve them in the design development.Decorated kitchen with their own hands with the help of children's drawings or small panels bring a lot of joy to kids.Look carefully around him.What surfaces are empty?The refrigerator and kitchen cabinets.Most of the free area of ​​the refrigerator freezer and allow to roam imagination.With drawing skills, you can paint the door with beautiful ornaments using acrylic paints.If this method seems to be difficult for you, then use a variety of magnets with funny inscriptions that are so uplifting.

If your kitchen set has a door with clear glass, the placing on the shelves of a beautiful bowl, decorated with original decorative jars or vases, you will attach to it a particular originality.You can buy in the store ready-made decorative items or make them yourself.Up to you.

Decorative floor mat in bright colors will give warmth to your legs and lift your mood.The cozy kitchen, decorated with their own hands, be sure to include cloth on the table and a small bowl of fruit or chocolates.Complete kitchen sofa and stools fun covers or seat cushions, combining colors with windows and walls.Neither the hostess can not do without tack and towels.Sew them yourself available to any home or colored patches of old, but favorite things.Every time you use them, you are guaranteed pleasant memories.

If you gravitate to the rustic motif, use for the manufacture of textile decoration elements technique of patchwork and wood, with fine carvings products for walls and kitchen surfaces.As a supporter of a strict style, you should choose a monochromatic fabric and decorative elements of regular geometric shapes.Be sure to supplement

kitchen area with flowers.They can be installed on a window sill or hang on the walls in beautiful pots.Flowers can help clear the air and make the room "live".

Decorate the kitchen with his hands very simple.The main thing is to do it with great pleasure, listening carefully to his inner feelings.Only you can determine the eye-pleasing color palette and the location of decorative items.