Melchior: cleaning at home.

new products made of nickel silver can hardly be distinguished from the silver.Melchior - an alloy of silver, copper, nickel and zinc.Very popular cupronickel cutlery, rarer jewelry and tableware made of nickel silver.Like silver, nickel silver products darken over time.Return them to the original shine - troublesome and laborious.

from moisture and dark silver and nickel silver.Cleaning products should be carried out regularly.Experts recommend brushing Melchior after each use.This can use a solution of baking soda in the ratio of 1 liter of warm water '50 baking soda.But if nickel silver cutlery used every day, it is not always possible to look after them carefully.

Cleaning of nickel silver can be conducted at home.Correct use special means: solutions, pastes, wipes or polishes.As a rule, these funds are sold in jewelry stores.But as far as the cutlery, the high risk of exposure to hazardous chemicals in the human body when eating.

Shoe nickel silver at home can be carried out, and the old fash

ioned way - using a chamois crushed chalk, alcohol or vodka.All of these tools help thoroughly clean blackened nickel silver.Cleaning in this case turns into an infinite rubbing objects to their original brilliance.

widely believed that toothpaste or tooth powder cleans darkened Melchior.Cleaning, however, may be unsafe, as the mechanical action may leave microcracks on the product surface.In this case, Melchior will darken even faster.

Experienced hostess gloss nickel silver products returned by means of ammonia.Pour it into a container, and in turn it is lowered into the product cupronickel.After that, the product thoroughly washed under water and dry it thoroughly.This method of cleaning nickel silver is good, except that ammonia has a pungent smell, which can head ache and worse health.

is believed that boiling German silver products in the husk of garlic and returns them shine.But in this case it is difficult to determine the concentration of garlic broth husk, on which depends the success of cleaning nickel silver.

If you have a large enough articles of nickel silver, cleaning them can be carried out in a water bath with citric acid.The first step is to find a container in which the product fits cupro-nickel.Next, fill it with water, citric acid fall asleep rate of 100 g per 1 liter of acid.water and add a small piece of copper wire.When the water boils, it can in turn lower the cupro-nickel product for 15-20 minutes, depending on the degree of contamination.

But there are some well-known and time-tested way to clean nickel silver.Cleaning using baking soda.Many housewives like to use baking soda as a cleaning agent, citing its health safety.Soda well removes any contaminants and thus well washed off the surface.

So, German silver cleaning products need to pan, foil and baking soda.The bottom of the pan should be vystelit foil.Pour the water and fill the soda at the rate of 4 tablespoons of baking soda to 1 quart of water.Boil the water and do not turn the heat off, put it in a pan cupro-nickel product for 15-20 minutes.At the end of the product must be made of nickel silver splosnut under water and wipe dry.

If nickel silver cutlery used every day, they must be stored wrapped in foil.This will help prevent darkening.

It would not be troublesome to maintain the purity and brilliance of German silver products, you should always find time to put them in order.Serve table darkened German silver Priors considered bad form.And by the use of radiant devices is much more pleasant.