How to clean silver at home?

Many argue that it is better - silver or gold.This question is impossible to give an unambiguous answer.Each of these metals are good in their own way.But, nevertheless, and the one and the other have different properties.For example, silver darkens with age.This situation does not just become a real disaster for the owners of family, dining sets, or just your favorite ornaments.But nothing to do, we can only find out how to clean silver at home.

In the process, it would be desirable to achieve maximum effect, and most importantly - do not hurt the product.How to clean silver jewelry at home?How to get rid of the black-and-blue plaque?Recipes for each person on your own.But there are universal recommendations that will be useful to anyone who is in the house at least one thing is made of silver.


Standard cleaning silver jewelry does not require the purchase of any miracle means.Everything you need can be found in your own apartment.So, you need alcohol, regular soda, hydrogen peroxi

de, ammonia, toothpaste or powder.All of these tools are quite capable to satisfy your curiosity, expressed in the form of a question: "How to clean silver at home?" The most traditional method - the lower the product into a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and alcohol.Suffice it to twenty minutes to the ring or chain again shone.Only then wipe the product and thick fleecy cloth.Although this method is commonly used to clean up large pieces of the same table set.

For smaller items (such as jewelry), you can use a different recommendation.The palm poured baking soda and poured a little water.Then we must put to a chain or a ring, and carefully rub.

strange but effective

Those who are wondering "How to clean silver at home?", Often come to a completely unexpected decision.For example, here is one of these methods: in a piece of foil need to pour a little water, put there by the same spoon of salt and soda, and then the product itself.It should lie in the solution for at least half an hour.It is said that the lost luster returns.

choice of method

People who do not know what to clean silver at home, usually can not determine the specific method.Always look at the sample and the degree of contamination.If you are dealing with a low-grade product, remember that it may have an admixture of other metals.Therefore, in this case it is better to use special tools.For example, your ring is not blackened and turned green.This means that in its composition there are copper.And no need to rush to a tube of toothpaste, it is better to buy a ten percent solution of Trilon B. A solution of the green layer, and then you're already using conventional methods of cleaning.

If you want to know exactly how to clean silver, do not give up when you are in the jewelry salon offering to buy a set of napkins and a special liquid with a decoration.

And best of all, not to suffer in search of an answer to the question of what to clean silver at home, do not let it become dirty.Remember that cause browning is often the proximity of drugs containing sulfur or high humidity.Therefore it is best to store a collection of silver jewelry away from kits, cosmetics or water.Do not forget to shoot them in the process of taking a shower or washing your hands elementary.Such measures are, of course, are not able to completely eliminate the possibility of darkening the metal.It's still going to happen sooner or later.But you are considerably extend the life of your favorite ornaments.It's not as hard to do as you think.